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Venezuelan electro producer Carlos Henriquez checks in with ReGen Magazine for our second entry in The 6ix List. Writing dark techno and EBM, his project NOUSIA had made waves in the underground. See what makes him tick and what influenced him to create the music you hear today.

The 6ix List - NOUSIA

The 6ix List


6 favorite artists/bands/musicians
Henriquez: I’ll mention three from my younger days, and then three newer choices.

  1. Garbage – It was the first band I considered my favorite. I was 14 when I listened to Version 2.0, and it completely changed my perspective. The sound of that album is something else. And of course, I felt captivated by Shirley Manson’s vocals and lyrics. I always found them meaningful and beautiful.
  2. Celldweller – Before Celldweller’s 2003 self-titled debut album, I listened and enjoyed a lot of the earliest Klayton tracks such as ‘Kemikal’ and ‘Beginning of the End’ included in an EP from 2000 I think. That electro/industrial/trance vibe really got me and it helped me mold musically.
  3. Nine Inch Nails – Trent Reznor’s work has always influenced and inspired me. I love NIN and HTDA. He has written some of the best tunes I’ve ever listened to. No need to say more.
  4. Lorn – Three or four years ago, I discovered this talented producer. I felt his music was nothing like I’ve ever heard before. It really takes me to some other places. It’s unique and genuine.
  5. Gesaffelstein – I was instantly hooked when I first listened to the singles ‘Pursuit’ and ‘Hate or Glory’ from his debut LP Aleph. It was a breath of fresh air. I seriously love all of his work, and thanks to Gesaffelstein, I’ve been inclined to more minimalist sounds… sometimes the less the better.
  6. Perturbator – This guy has a sound and a style of his own. He’s definitely my favorite producer in the retro/synthwave scene. I have a side project called Vincent Nuit and I can count his music in the many influences.

And if you allow me, I’d like to mention Moby as a bonus. I listened to ‘Bodyrock’ from his 1999 album Play on the local radio and I thought it was great. That album is great! I’m not a big fan of the music he has been making after that though. I prefer his earliest work.


6 favorite albums
Henriquez: I will pick my six favorite albums according to my six favorite artists.

  1. Garbage – Version 2.0 (1998). Like I said it before, Garbage was my first favorite band when I was 14, and this album was the first one I purchased in a physical store, and defined me musically. This might be odd to admit, but this band was my entry to the dark electronics kingdom. I actually was attracted to darker and more industrial sounds after listening to Version 2.0.
  2. Celldweller – Celldweller (2003). I listened to Klayton’s earliest work as Celldweller around 2000, and also his previous work as Circle of Dust. His 2013 self-titled debut album is a masterpiece in my opinion, and inspired me to start making my own music. ‘Fadeaway’ and ‘Switchback’ are among my favorites.
  3. Moby – Play (1999). I decided not to mention any NIN album since I found it very hard to choose, and let’s say Moby, this album in particular, is more electronic and more dance driven, also more atmospheric than most of NIN’s music, which is more rock oriented. I never quite learned to play the electric guitar, so this album made me realize later that I could only use my computer and make more ambient-like music and more experimental sounds.
  4. Lorn – The Maze to Nowhere (2014). It’s really hard for me to choose my favorite by Lorn, but I’ll go for The Maze to Nowhere, a three-part EP including around 10 or 11 tracks in total. I discovered Lorn, I guess like most people, when I listened to ‘Acid Rain.’ That’s his presentation card I think… but definitely, he has a bunch of other awesome pieces!
  5. Gesaffelstein – Aleph (2013). I listened to this album much later, and it was enough to consider Gesaffelstein’s music a gem at once. It’s a very well crafted album. He’s a very interesting artist and I’m looking forward to his next material. The singles ‘Pursuit’ and ‘Hate or Glory’ are amazing, and the music videos are modern pieces of visual art.
  6. Perturbator – Dangerous Days (2014). The atmosphere on this album is unique. Other producers have tried to imitate his sound, but they have failed in the attempt. There are other great ‘darksynth’ producers out there for sure, and I like them, but my favorite has always been Perturbator. His sound is distinctive, and they guy reinvents himself with every release. ‘Future Club’ is my pick from this album.


6 inspirations outside of music

  1. Filmmaking – I’m studying at a film school right now and I think the music and the sound design is vital to tell a story. So filmmaking is another passion for me and an inspiration. And of course, watching a lot of movies. I also love photography and all kinds of visual arts.
  2. Philosophy – Most of the inspiration for the concepts I create and recreate for my music (lyrics, artwork, etc.) comes from philosophy, starting by the name of this project: NOUSIA. That was created by the fusion of two Greek words: Nous (mind, intellect, or spirit) and Ousia (essence, substance, self-sustaining).
  3. Religion – I draw a lot of influences and inspiration from religions; mostly the esoteric, occult, gnostic, and Kabbalistic parts.
  4. Literature/Poetry – For me, these go hand in hand with philosophy. I just love to read and learn, to know things from many sources.
  5. My family – Especially mom, grandma, and my brother are big inspirations for my life.
  6. God


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