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Having released its third album, Behind the Fallen Monuments of Time in May of 2017 via Latex Records, Introspect Void founder – Marshall Wright, a.k.a. Swamp – takes on ReGen‘s The 6ix List.

The 6ix  List - Introspect Void: Swamp

Tell us a bit about what you are up to musically?

Swamp: Since the release of Introspect Void’s last LP in mid 2017, we have been doing remixes for other acts and our own tracks. SNOG just released a remix we did and we have pending releases of remixes for GoFight and a number of bands on the Latex Records and Venus Aeon labels. We have also released new tracks on various compilations and scored a couple of video games and indie films. Recently, we did some limited live streams performing in the studio.


The 6ix List


6 favorite artists/bands/musicians

  1. Bill Leeb
  2. Rhys Fulber
  3. Alan Wilder
  4. Assemblage 23
  5. Fields of the Nephilim
  6. Conflict

Swamp: I’ve always felt Bill Leeb ruined my life and made me want music as my only source of happiness. Throw Rhys Fulber and Alan Wilder on that pile and I never stood a chance; from both a writing and production aspect, they are awe inspiring. I probably listen to Assemblage 23 and Fields of the Nephilim on a daily basis. I’d also have to give the anarcho-punk outfit Conflict respect for shaping who I am today.


6 favorite albums

  1. MINISTRY – The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste (1989). I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge how much Al Jourgensen inspired me before the Filth Pig fiasco. His post-pop, pre-heavy metal work is sublime. Mind you, With Sympathy is still a guilty pleasure.
  2. Fields of the Nephilim – Earth Inferno (1991). So much atmosphere on this live album. Even the weaker old songs just fill the room when listening to this. The version of ‘Psychonaut’ is possibly the best live track ever recorded. Yes, it has a ton of reverb, but I love feeling like I am in a torchlit cavern while listening to thi’ hypnotic experience… except ‘Preacher Man.’ I always skip that one.
  3. Recoil – Bloodline (1991). The vocals of Toni Halliday and Douglas McCarthy put to Alan Wilder’s arrangements are the stuff of legend. I also love the hints of DM’s Violator that sneak in via reused synth sounds.
  4. Front Line Assembly – Tactical Neural Implant (1992). This is the high watermark for me as to what an LP can achieve musically. Although it is the second album Fulber worked on with Leeb, I think he really got to influence the sound on this one.
  5. Fever Ray – Fever Ray (2009). Karin Dreijer is so beautifully weird on this record. Her pitch transposed stuff and shaman/witchy feel is great. You can be both mellow and comfortably creepy at the same time.
  6. Godflesh – Slavestate EP (1991). Just a grinding happy place for me. The band was going to tour with Skinny Puppy for this one, but at the last minute couldn’t get visas. I was a heartbroken kid.


6 inspirations outside of music

  1. I know it is cliché, but the works of Hans Ruedi Giger greatly influence what we do. Giger’s biomechanical creations speak to some primal fear and even though technology permeates it, it has an ancient aura. My studio is a cyberpunk homage with Giger prints all over the place.
  2. The imagery of Gerald Brom also informs our sound. Both his commercial and personal works are beautiful things.
  3. We have a disjointed narrative that runs through our music that is very influenced by the Elder Gods concepts of H.P. Lovecraft’s writings and expanded mythos. We have even referenced some of it directly at times. Donald Tyson’s Alhazred is a good example.
  4. Science fiction in general is a huge part of IV’s world. From the first time I saw Blade Runner and Vangelis’ Yamaha CS-80 buzzed at me, I was hooked. It would take thousands of words to list what sci-fi informs our sound (I really loved Altered Carbon).
  5. Concepts of post-humanism are of great interest to me. Is it the apex of existence to replace ourselves both organically and mentally? Will A.I. be salvation or devastation? Where does the separation begin?
  6. I also take great satisfaction in world building in writing, painting, and game design. My sci-fi/horror universe will one day attack the masses.


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