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Damsel in the Dollhouse is Nina Dove, bringing you her brand of industrial strength and beauty. No mere chanteuse, she is the one responsible for turning the knobs and programming those eighth notes, all the while delivering her stunning vocal performance. With her latest album, Provocateur, along with a companion remix album out now for free at Bandcamp, Dove speaks with Gabe Wilkinson for ReGen Magazine‘s The 6ix List!

Damsel in the Dollhouse

Tell us a bit about what you are up to musically?

Dove: I’m currently planning some music videos for tracks from my latest full-length album, Provocateur, which was released back in November. I’ve also started to play with ideas for my next album, but nothing final just yet.


The 6ix List


6 favorite artists/bands/musicians

  1. Sergeant Sawtooth – Truly unique and sonically beautiful synth sounds. You can hear the passion and attention to every little detail.
  2. Kate Bush – I adore her to no end. Her sound is so wonderfully cinematic and strange. She never ceases to inspire me.
  3. Bryan Ferry – He has the quintessential haunting voice, romantic themes, and ethereal sound; a class act.
  4. Devo – Weird, quirky, wild, and wacky. I worship at the house of spud.
  5. Oingo Boingo – Their music was so dark yet colorful and upbeat and infectious. ‘No One Lives Forever,’ ‘Nothing to Fear,’ ‘Islands,’ ‘Elevator Man,’ ‘Grey Matter,’ ‘Weird Science,’ ‘New Generation’… enough said.
  6. Skinny Puppy – Danceable rage and raw emotion. Truly original and groundbreaking pioneers.


6 favorite albums

  1. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (1985). The entire album is a cinematic masterpiece. Gorgeous voice, haunting sounds, so many different influences and musical styles. It’s perfection.
  2. Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier (1980). From beginning to end, this album is just so damn fun. It’s punk, it’s rock, it’s disco, it’s new wave, it’s so unbelievably good. Who doesn’t want to be a dandy pirate from the 18th century?
  3. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peepshow (1988). Every track is magic. Siouxsie is a goddess.
  4. Various Artists – The 50 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music Compilation (2011). I’m a classical music fanatic and this album has so many of my favorites all in one place.
  5. Depeche Mode – Music for the Masses (1987). Dark and erotic. This was my first DM album and still my favorite.
  6. Various Artists – Industrial Revolution: 1st Edition (1994), 2nd Edition (1995), 3rd Edition (1996). That’s three compilation albums, but I’m counting them as one. They introduced me to so many iconic bands. I completely wore out those CDs.


6 inspirations outside of music

  1. Pina Bausch – She was a creative choreographic genius in the modern dance world who could tap into the most visceral movements. She’s such an inspiration. Look up her Rites of Spring and her Bluebeard ballets, truly terrifying and brilliant stuff.
  2. Pinterest – So much visual inspiration right here. It’s a dream for creating mood boards.
  3. MixCloud – I know the list is ‘inspirations outside music,’ but this site is amazing. It’s where I go to hear new music and find incredible DJs and their broadcasts, podcasts, and club mixes.
  4. Photo Apps – If a photoshoot concept just isn’t working, I’ll play around with the images in some apps and see what happens. Current addictions are Enlight, Mextures, Prisma, Aviary, Trigraphy, DistressedFX, and Stackables.
  5. Cats – They are my kindred spirits. I’m quite certain I was a cat in my previous life and I hope to return to my cat form in my next life.
  6. Rob Robinson (Sergeant Sawtooth) – That’s right, he’s on this list twice. He is a huge inspiration and an incredible source of love and support in this batshit crazy world.


Damsel in the Dollhouse
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