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ReGen Magazine had the privilege of being named a co-sponsor of the 2019 Belligerence Tour conducted by Baltimore electro/industrial act Stoneburner. Helmed by Steven Archer, Stoneburner has been on an intriguing artistic trajectory – blending aggressive and tribal percussion with haunting ethnic atmospheres, the project’s earlier output presented a series of soundtracks for the far reaches of the spice-addicted universe imagined by Frank Herbert in his DUNE series; however, on more recent releases, the sound of Stoneburner has incorporated acerbic vocals with a more down-to-Earth approach addressing sociopolitical injustice… in effect, a little less space fantasy and a little more dystopian sci-fi.
Nevertheless, Steven Archer’s presence onstage, manifested by unsettling visual projections and an arsenal of metallic percussion and electrified tracks makes for a compelling live show, as evidenced by these photos by Douglas Leach, taken at Kansas City’s Riot Room on November 10. This particular event also marked a special occasion as the home show debut of Morgue VVitch, the new project from Tara Saavedra; having worked under the name of Violette Syn and appearing on tracks by the likes of Drowning Susan and Microwaved, and then opening for three nights of this tour, Morgue VVitch presents Saavedra embarking on the next phase of her artistic evolution, and ReGen was happy to have been able to witness it. We hope you enjoy this latest entry in our Photo Archive series, with more yet to come.


The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO – 11/10/2019
Photography by Douglas Leach (nowandforalltime)


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Morgue VVitch
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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