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Corporation, Sheffield, UK – 04/18-20/2014
Resistanz Festival 2014


This year’s edition of the Resistanz Festival is now a thing of the past. But three days, a lineup of 20 acts, and countless Jäger bombs later, memories can indeed become a bit hazy. ReGen Magazine managed to attend the closing star-packed day of this rising British festival and report on the proceedings.
However, in order to provide the full scope of the event, and since no music festival could exist without the musicians that make the crowds gather and enjoy themselves, ReGen has decided to reach out to some of the artists that played at this year’s Resistanz, as well as witnessed it from under the stage.
If you are curious about what you missed, want to reminisce, or simply want to get a better sense of what was happening on the frontlines and behind the scenes of Resistanz, check out what the artists themselves recall from the industrial blur that was the Easter weekend, 2014.


“It’s happened so that I have never been to the UK and this was my first trip. I’m very glad that this trip wasn’t a touristic one. I’m more than honored to say that I was a part of something big… HUGE, I would say. Resistanz Festival is something that I was missing since visiting Castle Party back in 2011. The atmosphere is so friendly that you feel at home. And organization… damn! Phyll and Leighton did something extraordinary. Such hospitality happens really seldom nowadays. Big thanks go to all the crew that worked onstage. Those guys are real professionals! And HUGE THANK YOU goes to everyone who came to see our show on Sunday! We had a fantastic time in front of an amazing crowd! THANK YOU!!!”
-Dmitry Darling, Freakangel


“Thanks to Resistanz Festival cause it was fuckin’ ill. We want to come back again to rock and wreck Sheffield next year!”


“It was the first time for us in the UK and it was dope! The festival production and organization were perfect, the crew was warm and easy. Above all, we got a very good feedback from the crowd and we had fun. So, what else? We hope to go back there soon!”


“We were completely blown away with Resistanz Festival. We turned up not knowing exactly what to expect. Everyone backstage was super cool and friendly and within minutes of hitting the decks, we knew we were going to enjoy ourselves. The crowd’s response was unreal; they really were there to party and the interaction was incredible.
The best gig of the year so far. Thanks for having us guys, and BIG respect for throwing such an epic show!”
-Organ Donors


“It’s a fantastic festival. Fantastic is the word I keep using because I had my expectations and it’s been above and beyond. Great sound, great bands, great atmosphere.”
-Edwin Alter, Die Sektor


“I absolutely loved the festival. As always, it’s been a mixture of bands, and there have been a handful that I really, really enjoyed. It’s the same every year. You find a handful and there’s something about them onstage that clicks for you when you’re in the audience. Those bands that really clicked for me this weekend, and going in reversal since that’s how I’m thinking about it, were Belzebass, who absolutely fucking killed it, and Cyferdyne because their live show was completely off the chain. They were in absolute control over the audience. I really enjoyed the opening act on Sunday, Freakangel, since I was missing some rock this weekend and also yesterday, and Assemblage23, which I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did, but all of their songs were spot on.”
-Ollie “Sovereign” Langmead, Surgyn


“Resistanz is, simply put, the one festival you can count on. If you like quality dance music with roots deep in the industrial scene, you know Resistanz will not let you down for three days in a row, and for four years in a row, it proved this to be true. Thanks to Phyll and Leighton for having the guts to go against the grain and embrace diversity and quality, and not just booking the usual ‘Top of the Goths’ year after year. Roll on Resistanz 2015, and see you on the dance floor!”
-Marco Visconti, DJ Azrael/Faderhead/XP8


“Up until four o’clock today [Festival Sunday], it was extremely stressful because I knew we were going to play. We came last year and it was a completely different experience because we came just to enjoy the weekend. But last night, we were like, ‘We can’t drink too much ’cause we have to play tomorrow.’ It’s like a dozen runs up the ladder from where we were. Before this, the biggest crowd that we had was maybe a hundred, a hundred and odd. To see faces, front to back of the venue at Resistanz, it was really, really crazy.”
-Steven Houghton and Adam Higginson, Cyferdyne.


“We are all of the general consensus that it was a really great festival; we all had an excellent time. While many bands post that every show ‘was a really great show,’ I would like to emphasize that it’s not always the case. But with Resistanz 2014, the organizers (Leighton and Phyll) really went the extra mile in their treatment with us.
TMO hasn’t played in the UK for 10 years previous to the show, and we were received with a great wave of enthusiasm. A lot of people were telling us they had been waiting years and years to catch a show with us, and it certainly led to the electricity. We were amped ourselves, and wherever they could, you could see from onstage that the crowd was chanting along to the tracks, and you can’t deny the mood when it was topped off with a stage invasion at the end of the show! (Not something any band sees too often these days).
After the show, we had personal visits from stage crew and promoters in the dressing room thanking us, which is maybe rare too these days. Stage crew have a tendency for the ‘GTFO’ attitude in many places, probably encouraged by the prima donna approach of many artists. Back in the public area, we just got mobbed, dragged to the bar, and Jäger bombed – and I’d like to get a special mention in that Danny, our driver, went well beyond the call of duty getting us back to the hotel well after his shift was over; and I know he’d been up about 19 hours at that point, and considering our state, he’s a lifesaver!
Those Northern Brits are a hardcore bunch. They party hard and are an awesome crowd, not afraid to get their hair in a mess. We all truly had a great time, and I’d be surprised if Resistanz ever generated anything other than the best of feedback. I think with the format Phyll and Leighton have got going with their festival, it will be an absolute favorite with bands and festival-goers alike for years to come.”
-Karolus Lerocq, This Morn’ Omina


“We had the pleasure to play Resistanz on the Sunday and we were blown away by the response from the audience. You guys know how to party! I saw people dancing and singing along throughout the whole set. Since this was Day 3 and we were the last but one band, this was truly amazing!
Thanks to everybody who made this happen and all the best for the future!”
-Frank M. Spinath, Seabound


Damian Glowinkowski (DamienG)

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