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ReGen Magazine is happy to present our own version of March Madness as we continue with the monthly Spotify playlist, presenting a hearty selection of what went down in the underground during the third month of 2024. Curated by Doug Leach, we have here 30 songs from a wide range of artists covering the diverse range of styles the underground alternative community has to offer – from the vicious industrialized rock, nü metal, and noise onslaught of Burton C. Bell, Trace Amount, Warm Gadget, The Distortionist, Le Destroy, The Joy Thieves, and Kaosis, to the mellower, yet just as emotionally intense post-punk, no wave, electro, and gothic vibes of Ashes Fallen, Factheory, BlakTai, Principe Valiente, Ductape, Heavy Feelings, Test Plan, and Circolo Vizioso, and even the wispier and more experimental moods of Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, Drew McDowall, and Häxa. It may sound like a crazy auditory journey to undertake, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Track list:

  1. Ashes Fallen – “We Belong Nowhere” [Diaspora Mix]
  2. Heavy Feelings & Nadia Garofalo – “Bootlickers”
  3. The Joy Thieves – “Spilt Milk”
  4. Masonique – “As the World Burns”
  5. Test Plan – “Walking in a Vacuum”
  6. Principe Valiente – “Something New”
  7. The Distortionist & Ivan King – “Stalker”
  8. Mark E. Moon – “Dark Love”
  9. Ductape – “Closer”
  10. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – “Rooms”
  11. The Drood – “Static Time”
  12. Burton C. Bell – “Anti-Droid”
  13. Kaosis & Anders Colsefni – “Slipknot”
  14. Trace Amount – “Simulation Fetish”
  15. Warm Gadget – “Annoyed”
  16. FleischKrieg – “I Believe in Gnomes”
  17. PRIEST – “Just a Game”
  18. Evestus – “Voices in My Head”
  19. BlakLight – “Blind Vision”
  20. Le Destroy – “Me vs. You”
  21. The Shadow Majlis – “Mazdur”
  22. Drew McDowall – “Out of Strength Comes Sweetness”
  23. Barry Adamson – “The Last Words of Sam Cooke”
  24. Arena – “What’s Your Damage?”
  25. Circolo Vizioso – “Verrückt”
  26. Facetheory – “Brasov”
  27. Order in Chaos – “Medusa”
  28. Kalte Nacht – “The Last Breath”
  29. BlakTai – “Behind the Wheel”
  30. Häxa – “Månen” [Monomorte Remix]



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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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