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ReGen Magazine was feeling the summertime heat in June as the month brought forth an energizing blend of styles and sounds. Here is the proof with the monthly Spotify playlist delivering a scorching wave of what was hot in the month of June; spanning 40 tracks curated by Doug Leach and Ilker Yücel, you’d best check your pulse and your blood pressure regularly across these two hours and 45 minutes. From the gloomy atmospheres and dancefloor rhythms of M83 remixed by The Soft Moon or Octavian Winters remixed by Mark Pistel, the vibrant cybergothic bliss of Celina, Republica, Glis, or Deep Infirmary’s remix of Front Line Assembly, the apocalyptic rage of Human Impact, Crushing State, The Silverblack, or Fact Pattern, and on to the darkly industrial vibes of Haujobb and MeDenom. Listen and enjoy!
Track list:

  1. Dual Analog – “Reborn”
  2. Testcard F – “Anarchy”
  3. M83 – “Oceans Niagara” [The Soft Moon Remix]
  4. Feyleux – “The Empress”
  5. Nicole Marxen – “Thorns”
  6. The March Violets – “Hammer the Last Nail”
  7. Autumn – “Catacombs”
  8. Night in Athens – “Words Unspoken”
  9. Velatine – “FCK YOU ALL”
  10. Cold Cave – “Hourglass”
  11. Molchat Doma – “Сон” (“Son”)
  12. CrowJane – “Real Life”
  13. Celina – “Nemesis”
  14. The Joy Thieves – “Spilt Milk” [Steven OLaf Remix]
  15. Scenius – “Breezing Through It”
  16. Glis – “Severity One”
  17. Thanateros – “I Am All”
  18. Ex-Hyena – “Nocturnal Lullaby”
  19. Massive Ego – “In Your Own Darkness”
  20. MeDenom – “Reaper Relations”
  21. The Anix – “Panic”
  22. Republica – “Hallelujah” [NJOI Radio Mix]
  23. Octavian Winters – “Velveteen” [Mark Pistel Remix]
  24. Beauty in Chaos ft. Wayne Hussey – “Diving For Pearls” [Tim Palmer Single Mix]
  25. Collide – “Supermassive Black Hole”
  26. Close to Monday – “Leaves”
  27. Haujobb – “In the Headlights”
  28. The Below ft. Aaron Sutcliffe – “90 Seconds to Midnight”
  29. Human Impact – “Destroy to Rebuild”
  30. Fact Pattern – “With No Disguise”
  31. NeroArgento – “The Sleepwalker”
  32. Mushroomhead – “Fall in Line”
  33. 40 Octaves Below – “Teratophilia” [Original Mix]
  34. The Silverblack – “Serenades of Hate”
  35. Crushing State – “Welcome 2 Nothing”
  36. Frontal Boundary – “Without a Chance”
  37. Front Line Assembly – “Anthropod” [Deep Infirmary Remix]
  38. The Browning – “Deceiver”
  39. John 5 – “A Hollywood Story”
  40. Mirland – “The Heavy Hand of God: Part 2”


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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