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“We’re baaack!” ReGen Magazine is once again bringing forth a monthly Spotify playlist to showcase what’s new in the industrial, electronic, gothic, and alternative underground. Curated by longtime contributor Doug Leach and Editor-in-Chief Ilker Yücel, these 20 selections are just a small sampling of the music that laid 2023 to rest and helped to reign in 2024 with a bang! From the politically charged and socially conscious aggression of MINISTRY, KMFDM, and ManMindMachine to the post-industrial hardcore of King Yosef, the LGTBQ+ anthems of Lynks and Gewalt to the gyrating post-punk and avant-alt. rock of Anja Huwe and The Dandy Warhols, and more!


Track list:

  1. Planet B & Kent Osborne – “Rack More Brains”
  2. King Yosef – “Cut the Cord”
  3. Trace Amount – “Living Accessory”
  4. Vægtløs – “Ingenting kan forhindre at små struber skælver en forårsnat”
  5. Anja Huwe – “Rabenschwarz”
  6. I.X.XI – “Don’t”
  7. Lynks – “CPR”
  8. Savage Republic – “Stingray”
  9. Scheitan – “Fire at Dawn”
  10. KMFDM – “LET GO”
  11. MINISTRY – “B.D.E.”
  12. FEBRVVM – “One Two Three Four”
  13. ManMindMachine – “Propaganda”
  14. Raizer – “Run”
  15. Miss FD & Vulture Culture – “Enough”
  16. Sapphira Vee – “Stand Together”
  17. Heartracer – “Until the Sun Comes Back”
  18. Gewalt – “Trans”
  19. Lustmord – “Heresy Part 1”
  20. The Dandy Warhols & Frank Black – “Danzig with Myself”



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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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