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Ram’s Head Live, Baltimore, MD – 04/23/2018


It has been said that Al Jourgensen writes his best material when a Republican is office, providing him a focus for his anti-right wing sociopolitical leanings to manifest into a hard hitting onslaught of industrialized metal. The overwhelmingly positive responses to MINISTRY’s latest album – AmeriKKKant, a veritable diatribe against the current administration (with a special focus on the dubious commander-in-chief) and its proponents – would seem to be proof of that. On top of that, the band has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts in the live arena, with the current lineup proving to be one of the tightest and most powerful in MINISTRY’s history and Jourgensen in top form to deliver a belligerent, in-your-face, and energetic performance. Supported by the experimental doom and gloom of Chelsea Wolfe, MINISTRY embarked on the AmeriKKKant tour in Spring of 2017, with New York industrial/punk trio The God Bombs joining for the stop at Baltimore, MD’s Ram’s Head on April 23. ReGen Magazine is proud to present this gallery from the performance shot by photographer extraordinaire Katherine Gaines.


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The God Bombs
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All photos by Katherine Gaines – courtesy of Ambient Eye Photography


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