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Philadelphia, PA, Union Transfer, 04/21/2013


Capturing the blistering metal onslaught of Chicago’s CZAR and the incendiary post-punk/industrial energy of legendary Killing Joke, this photo gallery – courtesy of Katherine Gaines of Ambient Eye Photography – showcases the bands’ performance at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA on April 21, 2013.


Heavy on the powerful riffs and beats, CZAR’s sound is like a creeping demon that has already feasted on your flesh by the time you realize the creature is right behind you. Matching this intensity of sound is the band’s appearance, basking in ominous spotlights that shine like flickering flash lights in a cavernous expanse, revealing a band that scares as much as intrigues. With any luck, momentum can build for the new flagship act of the Cracknation and see more performances in the future.


Looking at the members of Killing Joke, it might be hard to imagine the band has been an influential force in virtually every form of modern music from grunge to industrial to metal. Indeed, Jaz Coleman’s almost priestly donning of all black and no warpaint along with Youth’s Hawaiian shirt and half-cap may give them the appearance of escapees from the rock & roll retirement home, but the viciousness of the band’s music persists and keeps Killing Joke as vital and as relevant as ever. This is a band that loves what it does and continues to do it extremely well!

All photographs by Katherine Gaines
Courtesy of Ambient Eye Photography

Killing Joke


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