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A Pigface tour can certainly yield some logistical challenges – as a band with an ever fluid lineup of musicians from all across the spectrum of the underground scene, one is never really sure what will happen. Who is going to be available? How many nights of the tour will any one musician be able to perform? What songs will the band play? Who is in the band for the first time? Is that a sitar on stage? Did I just hear a violin? Why is Krztoff from BILE in a neck brace? I thought those two guys hated each other, but they’re harmonizing vocals? How many drummers does this band have? Am I less drunk than the band? What is going to happen? You never really know… only that it is going to be a singularly awesome experience. Such could be said for the first Pigface tour in 14 years, as Martin Atkins took the industrial/rock circus on the road in November 2019 with one of the most diverse lineups we’ve yet seen.
Tour BannerFor this next entry in ReGen‘s Photo Archive series, we present Douglas Leach’s document of the show at Kansas City’s RecordBar on November 28. Joining the eminent industrial collective on the stage were fellow Chicago stalwarts Project .44 – only fair considering vocalist Chris Harris was present on the tour to present the trailer for his upcoming documentary he History of Industrial Music: The Chicago Way – as well as the electro/industrial one-woman army I Ya Toyah, while vocalist/violinist, disability advocate, and fellow Pigface alumni Gaelynn Lea opened the whole night’s proceedings.


RecordBar, Kansas City, MO – 11/28/2019
Photography by Douglas Leach (nowandforalltime)


Martin Atkins
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Project .44
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I Ya Toyah
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Gaelynn Lea
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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