Apr 2024 17

Another update… so soon? Well, things are constantly moving here at ReGen, so we just can’t seem to help it. And let’s be honest – you don’t really want us to stop… do you? Nooo, of course not. ;)


So far this month, we’ve already seen the InterViews with author Gerda Barker and Martin Bowes (Attrition, The Cage Studios), with this week will see the InterView with Don Gordon and James Mendez (Data Void) being posted. Once again, InterViews with DieTrich Thrall (Lords of Acid, Beauty in the Suffering, The Banishment, etc.) and Bryan Black (Black Asteroid, Haloblack) are underway, and we’ll soon be going forward with F.J. DeSanto (Trade Secrets, Hypefactor, Chemlab, The Aggression), Emèse Árvai-Illes and Krisztian Árvai (Black Nail Cabaret), Roger Ebner (EBNR, Pigface, BILE), Daz Sharp (Spoils of Grace), Saffron Sprackling (Republica), Raymond Watts (PIG), and Rudy Ratzinger (:Wumpscut:). Well, that sounds like a LOT, doesn’t it? On top of that, we’re less than two weeks away from our batch of ReViews for the month of April, followed by our monthly showcase playlist on Spotify. Stay tuned!


Supporters for our $5/month tier received this month’s free single, courtesy of Re:Mission Entertainment – “Shutting Down” by aggrotech and harsh electro act Frontal Boundary. The single will be released commercially on April 26, marking the second taste of the band’s forthcoming album. If you’re into the idea of supporting ReGen and hearing/receiving cool music each month, please consider joining us on Patreon.


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‘Til next time!

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