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April showers come your way to bring the flowers that bloom in May… or so they say, but poetry and crooning oldies aside, April is an exciting month. It’s hard to believe that we’re a past a quarter of the way through this year already, and there’s so much more to come. March was a busy month for ReGen, and April is proving to be no different.


This month, we’re working on our photo archives – sadly, with a myriad of personal circumstances and an overwhelming amount of backlog, there are a great many shows that ReGen and our participating photographers attended, but that we hadn’t posted the galleries or corresponding writeups. Well, we’re aiming to fix that, and we’re already off to a bit of a start as we recently posted Colin Andrew MacDougall’s coverage of Swans’ 2023 tour in support of The Beggar, along with some photos by Eric Landry. If you’ve not seen it, here’s the article, and we’ve got more on the way. ColdWaves VII – XI, Greg Puciato and Deaf Club, Front Line Assembly with REIN, The Hu, 3TEETH opening for Cradle of Filth, The Sisters of Mercy, Skinny Puppy with Lead into Gold, and so many more… needless to say, it’s a lot, and we’re gonna be working over the coming weeks to unload as much of this as possible.


April will also see some new InterViews, including Martin Bowes of Attrition, author Gerda Barker, bassist DieTrich Thrall of Lords of Acid, The Banishment, Beauty in the Suffering, and more! As well, we have InterViews underway with Bryan Black of Black Asteroid, Don Gordon and James Mendez of Data Void, and F.J. DeSanto of Trade Secrets, and planning to conduct more in the coming weeks with Raymond Watts of PIG, Saffron of Republica, 51 Peg, REVillusion, and more to be announced soon! On top of all of this, keeping up with the regular influx of News and our monthly batches of ReViews.


For those supporters of our $5/month tier, we’ll soon be revealing this month’s free single, so be on the lookout!


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