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Welcome to March, which promises to be another productive month for ReGen. As always, we have our usual stream of News, with plenty of hot items to be posted in the coming weeks. We welcomed our new staff writers Merv Uzzell, Owen Only, and Lucia Z. Liner to our ranks, and we couldn’t be happier to have them onboard. Tomorrow, March 4 will see the monthly showcase on Spotify, another playlist curated by Doug Leach spotlighting a number of tracks released throughout February.


The latest batch of Album ReViews was posted on schedule on February 29; in celebration of the Ultra Heavy Beat’s 40th Anniversary, the ReViews included writer Ryan James’ for KMFDM’s 23rd album, LET GO. Adding to the festivities was a News post announcing the Kickstarter campaign for KMFDM vocalist/songwriter Lucia Cifarelli’s third solo album, No God Here. The band is about to begin their 40th Anniversary tour this week, with ReGen to feature photo galleries and Show ReView articles for a couple of dates… be on the lookout. Furthermore on that note, we are working to get our Photo Archives for shows covered over the past three years edited and posted… it’s a lot of work, so we appreciate everybody bearing with us.


The InterView with Alexander Julien (Vision Eternel) has been delayed, but we expect to have it posted this week. The next week, if not sooner, should see our InterView with Zanias, along with corresponding ReViews for her latest album efforts, both released on Metropolis Records. We will also be arranging InterViews with Don Gordon and James Mendez of Data Void – Gordon is, of course, best known for his work in NUMB, so this promises to be a most intriguing InterView once it takes place. We’ll soon be doing the same for the members of 51 Peg, Brian Carter of REVillusion, and more!


Last month saw us offering Bandcamp codes to supporters of our $5/month tier for the Stray(nger) digital maxi-single by The Halo Trees, courtesy of COP International. Next week, we will be offering something extra special for our supporters: a full stream of a soon-to-be-released album, one week ahead of its release date. More details will be forthcoming.
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