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It’s been a little longer than normal between Patreon updates, but our Editor-in-Chief Ilker Yücel was struck ill some days ago – he’s doing much better now, and is back to regular ReGen updates… and there’s a lot going on.


Today, February 4 sees the unveiling of the latest batch of Album ReViews, and tomorrow, February 5 will see the new monthly showcase on Spotify, a playlist of 20 tracks released throughout the month of January curated by Doug Leach. These are both delayed a bit; we thank you all for your patience.


January also saw the implementation of our $5/month tier, which offers the same perks of the $3/month tier, plus a special monthly offer of Bandcamp codes for a random single or EP release from participating artists. As well, we had a special promotion for Pulseblack’s We Are 20 compilation, showcasing the independent Chicago label’s diverse range of acts – from Die Warzau to GoFight, Deep to Everplastic, Sister Sarin to Bailigero, Ataxis to The Box Boys… it’s quite a collection, and while the compilation is now widely available for $20, we still have plenty of Bandcamp codes to give out. So, if you want to support ReGen and get some great music for it, please consider joining us for $5/month… it’ll definitely be worth it.


We also showcased an InterView with Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko of KMFDM, which also served as the reveal of the “AIRHEAD” single from the band’s new album, LET GO. More InterViews are happening, with the first being Tayves Yosef Pelletier – a.k.a. King Yosef – to be published before the week is out. We’re currently planning InterViews with the members of 51 Peg, Saffron (Republica), Daz Sharp (Spoils of Grace), and more.


In addition, we have received the first entry in our BIG HIT RADIO tribute to Die Warzau. We’ll slowly start revealing snippets as more come in, but we are ecstatic to hear this first song… and it slays! Be on the lookout!


We were saddened to receive the News that one of our supporters, Killabit, had passed away recently. All of us at ReGen express our deepest condolences to this wonderful Patron’s family and friends. Immense and most heartfelt gratitude for supporting ReGen… we love you, Killabit.


Shoutout to the following Patrons:
Jane Jensen Music, F.J. DeSanto, Daryn Belden, Mike Becker, Rory Bell, Jack Alberson, Jason ZObl-Tar, Sam Eisenberg, Joe Whiteaker, Don Waugh Esq, Sapphira Vee Official, ReMission Entertainment, Steven Christie, Dan Milligan, Sioux Zimmerman, James Hughey, Dave McAnally, Brian Dickie, spankthenun, Go Fight, Kevin Snell, Jeff Dodson, Lizzie, Stitch Mayo, Fotis and Stuff, GoatsAndGoblins, Athan Maroulis, martin king, Rey Roldan, Elise, cat hall angeles, Derek Rush, Angela Thompson, Brian Carter, Roland Zwaga, Ryan James, John Mooney, Brooks Talley, Ed Finkler, Jason Ernst, Betty X, Chad Wooley, Aaron, Brad V., Andee Blacksugar, David Clark, Doug Leach, and Justin Roby.
From all of us at ReGen Magazine, thank you all so much for your support.


‘Til next time!

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