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As January is heading to a close, so too is ReGen‘s momentum gradually picking up. With the abundance of articles posted so far resulting in numerous page hits, this month has already exceeded the slowness of December, beginning 2024 off to a productive start… and there’s still more to come before the onset of February. InterViews with Brandon Robert (Night Nail) and Der Schulz, Crap, and Flux (OOMPH!) are right around the corner, likely posting within this week, while the monthly showcase playlist is currently being finalized, to be posted to Spotify sometime between the 29th and 31st. Around that time, we should also be seeing the first batch of new Album ReViews for the year, and of course, more News.


Today, we implement the $5 / month tier, which will offer all of the same perks of the $3 / month tier, but with added benefits. Firstly, artists, musicians, label execs, and promoters will be granted free advertising space on ReGen, resulting in a greater discount from our regular ad rates. Secondly, we will be offering Bandcamp codes every month for a random single or EP release from participating artists. In the future, we hope to be able to offer full album releases at a higher tier.


Of course, since this tier has just been published, those of you still at the $3 / month tier will get to reap the rewards; however, once February rolls around, this will be only available to $5 / month.


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From all of us at ReGen Magazine, thank you all so much for your support!


  1. killabit has passed away.

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