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2024 has been off to a good start for ReGen Magazine. First to post was the final batch of ReViews for 2023 – a total of 50 covering albums by artists like JK Flesh, Binary Order, Worms of the Earth, Derag, Magnetic Skies, Bedless Bones, PRONG, genCAB, The Allegorist, Årabrot, Morlocks, Creation Rebel, African Head Charge, and more! These were followed by our posts for the Top 50 Albums and the Top 20 EPs of the last year, both of which were very well received by our readers and more than several of the artists featured. A huge word of gratitude to all of them.


As well, our regular News posts are back on track, with more to come on a generally daily basis as we prepare for the InterViews to branch out the remainder of January – Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Nathan Reiner (Third Realm), and Brandon Robert (Night Nail), and Der Schulz, Crap, & Flux (OOMPH!). Spotify playlists are currently being assembled and curated as well, to be posted at the end of the month, along with a new batch of ReViews to reign in 2024. New InterViews are currently being planned and scheduled, and we’ll announce those in the coming weeks.


Our BIG HIT RADIO tribute to Die Warzau is moving along as we are securing more artists to contribute their own interpretations of this great band’s music, as well as formulating visual ideas for the cover and liners artwork, some of which will be made available only to our patrons.


Shoutout to the following Patrons:
Steven Christie, Dan Milligan, Sioux Zimmerman, James Hughey, Dave McAnally, Brian Dickie, spankthenun, Go Fight, Kevin Snell, Jeff Dodson, Lizzie, Stitch Mayo, Fotis and Stuff, GoatsAndGoblins, Athan Maroulis, martin king, Rey Roldan, Elise, cat hall angeles, Derek Rush, Angela Thompson, Brian Carter, Roland Zwaga, Ryan James, John Mooney, Brooks Talley, Ed Finkler, Jason Ernst, Betty X, Chad Wooley, Aaron, Brad V., Andee Blacksugar, Killabit, David Clark, Doug Leach, and Justin Roby.
Thank you all so much for your support!


From all of us at ReGen Magazine, we hope that your 2024 is off to a good start – may it be a prosperous and fulfilling year for all of you.


  1. mjs says:

    I swear to God that if there isn’t an insanely loud and aggressive cover of ‘Strike To The Body’ that I will curse you all.

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