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Even during a leap year, February is the shortest month… and yet, as can be heard in this latest in ReGen Magazine‘s monthly Spotify playlist, there was even more music to be heard in the realms of industrial, electro, gothic, darkwave, post-punk, experimental, and all points in between. Curated by longtime contributor Doug Leach and Editor-in-Chief Ilker Yücel, we are presented with a walloping 35 entries to spotlight what went on during the month of February. Darkly experimental and noisily ambient tracks by Gabbarein, Je Est Un Autre, and Kati Rán. Scorching electro/industrial from Data Void, Kontravoid, Novakill, and EVA X. Throttling post-punk and goth/rock from The Church, Kill Shelter, and Cathedral in Flames, backed by the brighter, more neon-lit sounds of Leathers, Black Asteroid with ACTORS, and Raven Numan. Spooky and swaggering alt. rock and metal from Skum Love, Billy Morrison, Beastö Blancö, and the legendary Blue Öyster Cult. Oh, speaking of legendary, we’ve also got new music from David J, Mick Harvey, Brian Eno, and James Brown!


Track list:

  1. James Brown – “We Got to Change”
  2. Eric Hilton – “Midnight Milan”
  3. Matte Blvck – “Vows”
  4. Black Asteroid feat. ACTORS – “Ashes and Dust”
  5. Beastö Blancö – “Run For Your Life”
  6. Crushing State – “Surveillance”
  7. Blue Öyster Cult – “So Supernatural”
  8. Billy Morrison – “Drowning”
  9. The Church – “A Strange Past” [Radio Edit]
  10. Leathers – “Crash”
  11. Best Ex – “Die For You” [Soft Faith Remix]
  12. Isaac Howlett – “House of Cards”
  13. Propter Hoc – “Immortelle”
  14. Kill Shelter – “She’s in Parties”
  15. Cathedral in Flames – “Pale Rider”
  16. I Ya Toyah – “Dream Not to Dream”
  17. Kontravoid – “Reckoning”
  18. Kati Rán – “Stone Pillars”
  19. Je Est Un Autre – “Death, the Musagetes”
  20. Gabbarein – “Jeg Hører Deg”
  21. Brian Eno – “Lighthouse #429”
  22. David J – “Oh No! Not Another Songwriter!”
  23. Mick Harvey – “When We Were Young and Beautiful”
  24. The Browning – “HIVEMIND”
  25. Ten56. – “Good Morning”
  26. Skumlove – “EGO” [FUCKTHEFLOOR Combichrist Remix]
  27. Corvin’s Breed – “Straight to the Curb”
  28. Guro – “Endless Knife”
  29. NECRØ – “Deathward”
  30. Novakill – “Rage”
  31. Data Void – “Nothing Changes”
  32. The Anix feat. Julien-K – “Crawl”
  33. Raven Numan – “My Reflection”
  34. EVA X – “Dopamine Blind”
  35. The Silverblack – “Blood Eagle”



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