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Atlanta, GA, The Shelter, 07/09/2013


Another hot night in Atlanta, GA, and all the dwellers of the darkest corners of the city begin to converge upon their venue of choice, The Shelter, to see the legendary Leæther Strip and welcomed newcomers Cryogen Second. The crowd filed in early and quickly, causing the entire atmosphere to become electric and filled with the sense that something amazing was about to be witnessed. After some room rattling beats by resident spinner DJ Ghost, Cryogen Second front man Eric S. grabbed the microphone and the audience from the bar, pulling them to the front of the stage with some witty jokes, demonstrating a fantastic sense of humor, lightening the mood, and preparing the crowd for their sound destruction.


Starting with an end of the world themed sound byte, Cryogen Second took to the stage with the force of a tornado and a hurricane fighting for supremacy, with each member being ultra charismatic and taking the audience’s attention whether they wanted to give it to the band or not. Massively vicious guitars played by Kevin Edlin smashed up against the synths of AT and the vocals of Eric S. all combined with intense movements by the front man who jumped right into the audience’s faces during tracks such as “Antithetical,” “Clarity,” and a brand new track exclusively for this live audience, “Plagued.” To the surprise and excitement of the entire crowd, Cryogen Second also launched into a cover of the Deftones’ “My Own Summer (Shove It),” which could only be described as epic and furious, adding in heavy crowd participation and ultimately giving Cryogen Second a fantastic, show stealing performance to set the crowd on fire for the coming of Leæther Strip.


After a short comedown, Leæther Strip mastermind Claus Larsen took the stage with husband Kurt Grunewald Hansen manning the keyboards to the sound of riotous applause from the crowd that was hungry for more. The heavy and dark keys of “Don’t Tame Your Soul” pulled the crowd further in and held them long after as the duo ripped through the massive catalog at their disposal, keeping the audience guessing as to which favorite tracks would be performed next. Leæther Strip commanded the stage with an amazing charisma and presence during tracks such as crowd favorites “Civil Disobedience,” “Strap Me Down,” and “Japanese Bodies.” After taking the audience on a trip from the past to the present, the band finally brought an amazing and top notch performance to a close, but not before doing an encore with “Song for Pia,” which left the crowd wanting even more as Larsen and Hansen humbly left the stage after nearly two hours of nonstop destruction.


The Shelter was teeming with life until closing; the crowd was electric and both bands brought amazing personality combined with amazing music to give fans a night they won’t soon forget.


Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)
Photographs by Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

Leæther Strip

Cryogen Second

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