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The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the music industry harder than some of the heaviest rockers. Touring has stopped and lockdowns have forced everyone into their homes, making it difficult for many to bring in income. Bands and business owners alike are feeling the impact the Coronavirus has wrought on the entire world. As we head into another year faced with many uncertainties, many states are forced into another round of lockdowns.

Ryan Shuck – front man for Julien-K and former member of Orgy – has felt the impacts of the Coronavirus shutdowns, whether it be in the form of touring, or having to close the doors to indoor seating at his restaurant The Den. Many Santa Ana, California patrons will know The Den as a restaurant that can rock their socks off as they look over a menu that has many different options available. With an atmosphere that is sure to be inviting and staff that help feed that ambiance, it is easy to see why there is a second location in Costa Mesa. Established in 1994, The Den has made a name for itself as the “alternative” café of California. Healthy food options for vegetarians and a welcoming staff keep patrons coming back for more, while local and independent musicians are often featured at The Den, bringing spotlight to the talent that walks the streets of California.

With hours ranging from 9:00am-4:00pm at the Santa Ana location or 10:00am-4:00pm at the Costa Mesa location, it is the perfect spot to stop in for breakfast, brunch, or maybe even a late lunch. If cocktails are more your thing, well The Den has you covered with their full cocktail menu that has been added to their Santa Ana location. And don’t worry, my vegan rockers, for you’re still able to support The Den if you’re dissuaded by joining the public by ordering carryout, curbside delivery, or even have all of your favorites delivered to your door. The pandemic has forced a lot of diners and restaurants to resort to other options to help keep their businesses from shuttering permanently and The Den is no different with providing customers options based on their comfortability.

Have friends that love going out to eat but are strapped for cash? No need to have Breakfast in Berlin when you can get a gift card to help them get through their Cruel Daze of Summer.


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Article by Shandi Harvey (Shandi_H)
Photography by India Morgue (PhotoMorgue), courtesy of Photo Morgue


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