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Masquerade, Atlanta, GA – 10/13/2015
Genitorturers - Fall Tour 2015


“Ooh, you should wait until she gets her hooks into her dog/pig gimp slave – so badass!”


Uh, excuse me; what now? It’s difficult not to pay attention when one receives a text like this before a show. In retrospect, this seemed to be one of me milder visual elements to be viewed this event. But before I get too ahead of myself, it might be appropriate to offer a little word of warning: If you are reading this article hoping for someone with an advanced knowledge of the entire Genitorturers discography, you may want to look elsewhere; short of listening to “Lecher Bitch” on repeat while in a virtual goth club while playing Vampire, The Masquerade: Bloodlines, along with perhaps a few other singles, this writer has almost zero knowledge of this band. I’ve heard plenty of stories, but finally, I was able to experience things for myself – at a music venue called Masquerade, no less… it all comes back around, doesn’t it?
But before we get to the headliner, there were a few other, supremely awesome opening acts to help warm the crowd up.


First to hit the stage was Atlanta based EctoProxy. What started the set as a spoken word, almost rap-like presence turned into something with much more depth and interest. Vocalist/guitarist D▲MIÅN practiced his well worked songs with an aggressive, yet still new and interesting fervor. The band even brought out an unexpected cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Down In It” to round out the set. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see such musical tightness out of a band that had formed just a year ago in 2014.


Next was Yoshi Gish, a duo of gentlemen bringing more of an acoustic cello meets Voltaire type of feel to the show. For a group that wasn’t even on the bill for the evening, the pair still gave it their all; not only playing songs that provided a contrast to the rest of the musical acts, but that also provided just enough of a darkly comedic effect to provide a brief moment of respite from the more hardcore genre-specific acts the band was sandwiched between.


Finite Automata then took to the stage; also Atlanta based, this band-on-the-rise features front man Mod Eshar, aided by seasoned performer Scott Storey on keys. On the verge of releasing a new album early next year, the set consisted of a comfortable mix of old and new, starting with the latest single ‘Second Circle,’ and ending on the title track from 2010’s Here Won No One. Perhaps needless to say, the duo gave it their all to be a crowd pleasing experience before the main act itself, proving that Finite Automata has the right stuff to become a fixture in the Atlanta scene and beyond.


And then the main event… the circus that is the Genitorturers was set to begin, with Gen Vincent herself acting as ringleader. One would hesitate to call the crowd small; perhaps it would be more appropriate to opt instead for “intimate,” which itself could be an odd description considering the overtly sexual nature of the Genitorturers’ set. But this is just exactly how to best describe the 20 years (and “120 Days”) of debauchery that has been keeping Gen and the rest of the band moving forward. Naturally, the band members played their hearts out, and the scale of the show far exceeded the size of the room; and honestly, who would dare to have had it any other way? It’s all too easy for a band to see a smaller audience and decide that an “off night” could be written off. Instead, the crowd was treated to a singularly great experience complete with suspension, flashing lights, smoke machines constantly spitting out their cloudy haze, and let’s not even forget the “blood branding.”


This tour may be ending, and the lube may have run dry weeks ago, but Atlanta still got one hell of a boot-licking experience; one that I can say gave me a new respect for a long running band, and may have given Genitorturers a new fan in the process.


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Article and Photography by Blake Griffin (UNEXBG) – courtesy of Underexposed: Alternative Photography


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