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END: the DJEND: the DJ tours internationally and releases original music and compilations on the Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads digital labels with future releases this year in Germany. END also does music networking for VampireFreaks.com and is the mastermind behind the Industrial Club Sessions releases – live mixes broadcast on Sanctuary Radio, EBM-Radio, and posted on MixCloud where END features the latest and newest music through various labels, artists, and promotional services.
Here, END: the DJ unveils his Top 10 choices for new music for the month of June, 2013!


  1. Ice Upon Fire - "Hypnotic Disorder" (Gary Afterlife Remix)Ice Upon Fire – “Hypnotic Disorder” (Gary Afterlife Remix)
    ETT Recordings
    “ETT Recordings is among the premier EDM labels and this single release from the new Ice Upon Fire project with the remix from Gary Afterlife is exceptional.”

  3. Terrolokaust - "Falling Away from Me"Terrolokaust – “Falling Away from Me”
    Vendetta Music
    “Terrolokaust’s cover of KoRn’s ‘Falling Away From Me’ is still a new favorite among many listeners.”

  5. Volt 9000 - "Toybox"Volt 9000 – “Toybox”
    Artoffact Records
    “I named Artoffact Records one of the best independent music labels of 2012 (along with ETT Recordings); the roster of music artists is among the most varied with the broadest of music. Volt 9000 is among them.”

  7. Delerium - "Monarch" (Bause Remix)Delerium – “Monarch” (Bause Remix)
    Nettwerk Music Group
    “Bill Leeb – a musical genius responsible (along with Rhys Fulber) for Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, and of course Delerium, whose latest album is, of course, atmospheric and well done. Check out this remix of ‘Monarch.'”

  9. Stahlnebel & Black Selket - "Dead Silence"Stahlnebel & Black Selket – “Dead Silence”
    Advoxya Records
    “This track remains one of the best S/BS tracks ever done. Still doing very well played out to club listeners!”

  11. ESA - "The Heart is Marked"ESA – “The Heart is Marked”
    Tympanik Audio
    “One of the many awesome tracks on the new album from Jamie Blacker’s ESA project. Make sure to catch the entire album!”

  13. Covenant - "Last Dance"Covenant – “Last Dance”
    Metropolis Records
    “Covenant’s latest finds the band back on top form with a very moving track that garners much attention.”

  15. Miss FD - "Wanting is Not Enough"Miss FD – “Wanting is Not Enough”
    Quantum Release Records
    “This latest track from one of my favorite electro/synthpop artists has quite a beat and very well textured.”

  17. Front Line Assembly - "Killing Grounds"Front Line Assembly – “Killing Grounds”
    Metropolis Records
    “This track is very fitting for a new ‘non-soundtrack’ FLA release. Can’t wait to hear more from this new album!”

  19. X-Fusion - "I Am Your God"X-Fusion – “I Am Your God”
    Dark Dimensions Music Group
    “This is but one of many fantastic tracks from X-Fusion’s latest album; I love how this project continues to put a spin on all things aggrotech!”


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