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END: the DJEND: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist on Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions.
Here, END: the DJ unveils his Top 10 choices for new music for the month of July, 2013!


  1. Mental Discipline (feat. Spektralized) – “WDYWFM” (Assemblage 23 Remix)Mental Discipline (feat. Spektralized) – “WDYWFM” (Assemblage 23 Remix)
    Skyqode Records
    “Just look at that amazing collaboration – Spektralized and A23 on a Mental Discipline track! This one comes from the amazing new Fall 2 Pieces release; one the most solid releases yet this year. Simply wonderful!”

  3. Rammstein – “Sonne” (Sebastian Komor Remix)Rammstein – “Sonne” (Sebastian Komor Remix)
    Xenomorph Productions
    “Seb Komor took one of his favorite Rammstein tracks and made an amazing remix; it is quite awesome, in fact. You can check this one out on Rammstein’s official site.”

  5. Funker Vogt – “Gott Noch Nicht”Funker Vogt – “Gott Noch Nicht”
    Metropolis Records
    “Since the Aviator album, I had started having doubts about Funker Vogt’s output… but no more. The band is back with a vengeance with the fantastic new album Companion in Crime. There are many tracks of high quality; this is but one of the standouts.”

  7. Karybde & Scylla – “Nothing but Bliss”Karybde & Scylla – “Nothing but Bliss”
    ETT Recordings
    “Leave it to Karybde & Scylla – the owners of the ETT label – to release another moving, greatly produced track of electronic music to remind us how it’s done. This label is on quite a run this year!”

  9. Roppongi Inc. Project – “Schnarch Suite”Roppongi Inc. Project – “Schnarch Suite”
    Roaring Disc Records
    “I love R.I.P.’s sound and have been lucky enough to catch this new track, which guarantees people will move. This original version, along with the Noisuf-X remix, is a keeper.”

  11. Front Line Assembly – “Kiling Grounds”Front Line Assembly – “Kiling Grounds”
    Metropolis Records
    “Last month, I did say that I was looking forward to more from this, FLA’s latest album, Echogenic. With this track, the album continues to heat up!”

  13. Solitary Experiments – “Trial and Error”Solitary Experiments – “Trial and Error”
    Out of Line Music GmbH
    “A very moving track from Solitary Experiments, this single is catching much attention and praise.”

  15. Interface – “It Begins Today” (Club Revolution Mix)Interface – “It Begins Today” (Club Revolution Mix)
    Nilaihah Records
    “This remix from the new Interface EP gets people moving and loving the lyrical content. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Interface, but this track will leave you looking forward to the next full album release!”

  17. Ginger Snap5 – “Shadow Ghost”Ginger Snap5 – “Shadow Ghost”
    Skyqode Records
    “Ginger Snap5 is back! Some may know I’ve always been a supporter of this group, and this track, like all the others, shows great production work and melodic tonality. It’s great to hear something new, and on the rather nice Skyqode label.”

  19. The Causticles – “Ruin the Party”The Causticles – “Ruin the Party”
    Nondustrial Records
    “A joint venture of Caustic and the Gothsicles, you can just imagine the madness, and this track doesn’t disappoint. Available now, be sure to check out the new album!”


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