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KMFDM - We Are KMFDM DVDKMFDM – the multinational industrial/rock collective that continues after three decades to be one of the defining voices of a generation (or perhaps two or three by this point) with an aggressive mix of hard rock riffs, energetic rhythms and bass lines, and sardonic, politically-charged lyrics that range from bitter cynicism to self-effacing humor. In 2013, the band celebrated “29 years of conceptual continuity” with not one but two tours, the latter of which was the 30th Anniversary We Are KMFDM tour – a momentous occasion for any band, but this time captured on video for a new DVD, KMFDM’s first since chronicling the 20th Anniversary tour. Shot during the final five dates of the tour by Jacob Stone and Punch Drunk Films, and culled from over 50 hours of footage, We Are KMFDM features a 90 minute performance that includes the three encore songs not included on the CD release, showcasing some of the most beloved songs in KMFDM’s three decades mixed in with some newer classics.



Having settled into a steady five-piece lineup since 2002, some fans continue to be put off in favor of the revolving door of guest musicians that defined KMFDM in the past; this has done little to dissuade the band from delivering a 110% performance on each and every show since, picking up new audiences along the way. Even after 30 years, front man and ringleader Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko remains as vicious as ever, belting out his gritty and guttural vocals in multiple languages – from the German ranting of “Light” and “Potz Blitz” to the infusions of Latin in “Ave Maria” and “Tohuvabohu” – with all the vigor and vitality of a young man. And then there is Lucia Cifarelli, who continues to be a dynamic force for the band both onstage and in the studio – from the powerful melodies of “Amnesia” to the bellowing rage of “Rebels in Kontrol,” the punk-like fury of “Pussy Riot” to the scathing onslaught of “Free Your Hate.”

Where We Are KMFDM truly shines is in the band’s usage of GoPro cameras, capturing not only the audience reaction from the stage, but also giving viewers an up-close-and-personal look into just what the band is doing up there, demonstrating that this is a band devoted to putting on a truly “live” experience. Nowhere is this more engaging than in the guitarists Jules Hodgson and Steve White whose prowess as six-string slingers is barely rivaled in the annals of industrial/rock. Sure, some longtime fans might miss the original riffs of “Light,” but the song is refreshed as Hodgson and White tradeoff their own signature licks to keep the song forever interesting. Similarly, as the band refashions “Don’t Blow Your Top” with the lyrics to “I Heart You,” KMFDM manages to bridge its own generational gap to create something completely new. Certainly one of the highlights of any KMFDM show is “Son of a Gun” on which drummer Andy Selway unleashes a blistering percussive assault that rivals any thrash show, and the rendition of “Anarchy” with CHANT’s Bradley Bills joining the band in place of Tim Skold that ends We Are KMFDM with an explosive finale.


Adding to the We Are KMFDM DVD is a 40 minute documentary featuring interviews with the band members as they reminisce on the history of KMFDM and life on the road. As ever, the band’s mix of intelligence and humor shines through, with Konietzko’s introductory exposition of the various meanings behind the name bringing back memories of the band’s early success, along with Hodgson, White, and Selway recounting their initial roles as PIG’s live band before being gradually assimilated into KMFDM after the tour of 1997 – with Selway’s response to Raymond Watt’s prediction that KMFDM would try to steal the musicians away being especially enjoyable; “You were right!” As well, to hear the band testifying to the benefits of Vietnamese food, with Hodgson specifically stating that Pho noodles have “this magical quality to cure all hangovers,” will draw more than a few chuckles (and perhaps some nods of agreement from those who like to party). With questions crowdsourced from the band’s fans via Facebook, this is perhaps the most personal and in-depth look at the minds behind the music, making We Are KMFDM a notable entry in the group’s DVD catalog, one that continues the band’s tradition of acknowledging the fans as a major part of the last 30 years of success.


Three decades and still at the top of its game, KMFDM stays true to its word to never stop, and We Are KMFDM is the proof. Released via download for the cheap price of $5.99, with the DVD now available via the KMFDM Webstore, We Are KMFDM is well worth the purchase at any price, and with the upcoming Salvation tour, KMFDM promises to be a major force in modern music for at least a few more years!


Track list:

  1. Intro: Sucks
  2. Kunst
  3. Amnesia
  4. Ave Maria
  5. Light
  6. Pussy Riot
  7. I Heart You
  8. Free Your Hate
  9. Potz Blitz
  10. Tohuvabohu
  11. Son of a Gun
  12. Rebels in Kontrol
  13. Hau Ruck
  14. Animal Out
  15. Krank
  16. A Drug Against War
  17. D.I.Y.
  18. Megalomaniac
  19. Anarchy (feat. CHANT)

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