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Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA – 04/14/2017
DOYLE @ Diesel


Horror/punk act DOYLE rocked the East Coast Invasion leg of the Abominate the World 2017 Tour, now with more U.S. dates announced for June with Davey Suicide. Opening for DOYLE on this leg of the tour, however, was Element A440, a no-holds-barred dark electro/rock band out of Phoenix, AZ, and the first band signed to Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s newly expanded Monsterman Records label.


Element A440 definitely brought the hertz and the perfect pitch to the stage. Singer Halo interacted with everyone in the crowd by calling them forward to the stage for a fist bump, a dance spin, or to help sing and scream… the crowd wasn’t shy and seemed to really love interacting with the band, feeding off the incredible energy Element A440 brought to liven up the room and get everyone pumped for DOYLE. For one of the songs, the band donned creepy masks that looked straight out of a horror flick, which upped the fun factor and added to the ambiance of the set. Halo noted that the song “Godless” offended some in the audience at a previous show, but the heathens present at this night’s performance weren’t fazed by it as they rocked and sang along. Two videos screens adorned both sides of the stage and played some racy Hentai clips during the dirty, sleazy, sexy tune “Pornstar,” which closed out the set. Element A440 was absolutely gifted in connecting with and drawing in the audience, succeeding in bringing the crowd out of its shell and significantly rocking our socks off with a hard-hitting style of aggressive electro/rock.


With the crowd sufficiently pumped, DOYLE took the stage. Singer Alex Story channeled his inner madman and seemed pleasantly possessed by the music as he writhed, danced, swayed, and sang with vigor and gusto. Bassist Brandon Strate also added some great backing vocals while drummer Brandon Pertzborn wowed the crowd with his precision percussion skills. Larger than life guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein shredded and pounded on his signature handmade Annihilator guitars so hard, they were switched out between each song for a little rest and TLC. Alex humorously introduced nearly every song with, “This is a love song that you can dance to,” before breaking in to the next raucous tune. Some highlights included the heavy and rhythmic “Valley of Shadows” and definite crowd pleaser – especially among the female fans – and tune most closely representing some twisted sort of a love song, “Dreamingdeadgirls,” both from the Abominator album. Misfits fans rejoiced as some classic favorites were peppered throughout the set such as “Where Eagles Dare,” “Skulls,” and “Last Caress.” Fans were also treated to some songs off the new album As We Die, which will be released in early May including the first single from the new album, “Run for Your Life,” a tune with a mid-tempo start that leads into a crazy drum solo and breaks into a heavy, fast, intense metal/punk anthem.


Despite a more intimate crowd due to having to compete with a hockey playoff game and a local venue who seemingly didn’t get the word out on time (a ton of upset friends and fans later informed this writer that they didn’t know the band was in town and were extremely pissed to have missed the show), Element A440 and DOYLE absolutely blew the audience away with their energy, intensity, and incredibly invigorating down and dirty hard rock sound cranked to 11. With the newly announced dates scheduled across the U.S. in June with Davey Suicide, DOYLE definitely puts on a show you cannot miss!


Article by Sarah Heiber (SHeiber)


Photography by Maura Morgan


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