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39 years since the band’s inception, goth/rock and post-punk act Sex Gang Children has announced the release of its ninth studio album, Oligarch. With the album’s themes revolving around the bleakness of the modern world and “an indictment on the dark forces that took us there,” with a focuse on “lopsided global monopolies and top-heavy capitalist philosophies do not make sense,” the album was teased with the February release of the “Death Mask Mussolini” single; with vocalist and founder Andi “Sex Gang” McElligott co-producing and mixing with bassist John Rigby, the album features guitarist Jerome Alexandre and drummer Rob Stroud, with the CD edition of Oligarch to include three remixes of “Death Mask Mussolini” as bonus tracks – the remixes were created by Dominic Hawken, Kitty Lectro, and guitarist extraordinaire Mark Gemini Thwaite with Ashley Bad. The album is due for release on April 23 via Liberation London, with the band also scheduled to perform several U.K. tour dates in July, with a September date to follow at Liverpool’s Futurama festival; a full listing of live dates can be found on the Sex Gang Children website.


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