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Category: Industrial
Album: Scarred
Stars: 3
Blurb: With a blindsiding appearance by Wes Borland, this single may be seen as a turning point in Combichrist’s sound and possibly career… for better or for worse.


Featuring six versions of the title track and a solitary B-side, “Parental Content,” the Scarred single marks the final release of the Today We Are All Demons era of Combichrist.

Surely, some will do a double-take when they bear witness to the single version, as not only is it chockfull of shrieking, stuttering guitars, but that the six-stringer is wielded by none other than Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit. Along with its militant drum march, these newfound rock elements are certainly an interesting turn to Combichrist’s trademark rage. In contrast, with its buzzing vocals, slick synth work, and steady bass pulse, the club version seems set to satiate any who hunger for a flashback to the project’s earlier, EBM-friendly days. However, if robotic vocals don’t suit one’s palate, the whizzing rave-whistles of the clap-along Pull Our Kings remix is certainly a similar alternative. Beyond this decent selection of alternatives and remixes, lastly there is this EP’s bland exclusive core, “Parental Content.” Like much of the content of the limited edition second discs to their early albums, its a loop-heavy piece of vaguely danceable noise and beats, wholly instrumental save for the over-repeated television warning whose diction should be clear to anyone upon hearing the title.

Despite this bit of filler and some adequate remixes, this ostentatious stomper is a decent sampling from this era in their sound, and as the appearance of Borland may indicate, their inevitable transformation from a dance outfit to an electro-rock force.
Track list:

  1. Scarred (Single Version feat. Wes Borland)
  2. Scarred (Club Mix)
  3. Parental Content
  4. Scarred (Album Version)
  5. Scarred (Pull Out Kings Remix)
  6. Scarred (Shok’s Zeitmahl Remix)

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