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Clay People/Iron Lung Corp. vocalist launches crowdfund campaignDaniel Neet – vocalist/programmer for coldwave icons Clay People and Iron Lung Corp. – has announced that he is moving his art and music operations to Chicago, the home of industrial music in the United States. To help facilitate the move, he has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign in which he is offering numerous perks containing music and artwork. Among these items are digital editions of long out-of-print Clay People releases like the band’s 1992 ToyBox EP and the long awaited reissue of Stone/10 Stitches, containing remixes by 16volt, More Machine Than Man, Deadliner, and others. Also included is a limited number of signed CD copies of the latest Iron Lung Corp. album, 2013’s Body Snatchers, as well as a limited edition T-shirt, original artwork created by Neet, and offers of logo design, demo production, and remixes for aspiring musicians.
Clay People first rose to prominence in the underground coldwave scene with the ToyBox EP, followed by the 1994 full-length debut Firetribe. Over the years, the band has changed lineups several times, appeared on soundtracks to such high profile movies as Strangeland and Universal Soldier: The Return, and toured with numerous acts in the industrial and metal scenes, most notably Acumen Nation, culminating in the formation of Iron Lung Corp. in 1996. After a period of inactivity following the 2007 release of Waking the Dead, the band reunited to perform at the first and second installments of the ColdWaves tribute festival for ILC band mate Jamie Duffy.
Besides moving his base of operations to Chicago, Neet has also explained the purpose of the campaign is to “raise enough money to finish re-issuing the out-of-print Clay People back catalog.”


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