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Zoon Van Snook - (Falling from) the Nutty TreeZoon Van Snook
Genre: Electronica/Experimental
Album: (Falling from) the Nutty Tree
Stars: 2
Blurb: A backup musician tries to come front and center with little success.


British backup musician and remix artist Alec Snook is a background player who makes little impression as a solo act. His melodies are pleasant enough, and he occasionally comes across something interesting, like the rough industrial sound layered with strings on “Lomograph,” and the folksy guitars with light modern electronica on “Shall He? Shanty.”

For the most part, the album barely registers in the listener’s mind. Snook’s melodies often drag, unchanging, throughout the tracks, like the five-plus minutes of “Half Term (8:08).” The track titled “Plainsong,” with its bland melody and annoying electronic plinks, if it’s intended as a reworking or reference, bears little resemblance to the Cure’s hauntingly brilliant song of the same name. The light plinking sounds he’s so fond of, found on several tracks, lose their allure quickly and become grating. He also frequently uses voice samples, which are usually too obscured to be discernable and just end up breaking what little mood has been set.

With Snook’s ear for unusual sounds, it’s easy to see how he could make significant contributions to other musicians’ work. However, with no solid foundation to build on, he’s left floundering with unmemorable strings of sound.

Track list:

  1. Shall He? Shanty
  2. Cuckoo
  3. Lomograph
  4. The Cross I’d Bear
  5. The Two Knives (Cuckoo’s Reprise)
  6. Half Term (8:08)
  7. Sculptress
  8. Ee’m Yorn
  9. Pearl St Mess
  10. Plainsong
  11. Le Fin

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