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Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard - Supersonic Rock’N RollZombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Category: Desert/Stoner Rock
Album: Supersonic Rock’N Roll
Stars: 4
Blurb: Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard kicks it into overdrive with a gritty brand of Aussie outback desert rock on this debut album.


There’s something about desert folk that sets them apart from the rest. Be it the heat, the boredom, the weed, the danger, and beauty of the barren landscape, or a combination thereof, the music people create that comes out of these climates is simultaneously laidback and frantic. Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard is no exception. Hailing from the dusty desert regions of Victoria, Australia, these guys are fueled, frenzied, and ready to rock. Zombie Motors’ debut album, Supersonic Rock’N Roll is chockfull of sex, drugs, gasoline, hyper-fuzzed rock, and overdriven blues.

No time is wasted as the opening track, “Grind the Grinder” explodes into a fast, funky guitar riff and crescendos into full out mayhem when vocalist Ran’s growl begins. “Dead Smile” has a bit more of an alt. rock vibe with nice layers of sound and pulled back vocals, which allow the guitars to shine on this track. Although Zombie Motors definitely draws influence from the likes of Kyuss, Nebula, and Red Fang, there’s also some appreciation detected for industrial/rock as the staccato, marching beat on “Galactic Motherfucker” is reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People.” A band called Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard wouldn’t be complete without a few boozy, bluesy tunes. “Roll N Burn” features a sick delta blues sounding slide guitar and “Bad Boy Benny” bridges the blues with a classic stoner rock sound. This tune also demonstrates that Ran can croon a little bit in addition to his raspy yell.

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard accomplishes its goal of creating a fun, rocking, and high energy album. The band’s first effort on Supersonic Rock’N Roll shows a promising start, and things can only go up from here as the band finds its comfort zone and continues to grow into its own. This old biker bitch of a ReViewer definitely feels inspired to dust off the old hog and cruise into the sunset after taking this album for a spin.
Track list:

  1. Grind the Grinder
  2. Dead Smile
  3. Galactic Motherfucker
  4. Love for Speed
  5. Roll N Burn
  6. Fight Fight Fight
  7. Supersonic Rock’N Roll
  8. Bad Boy Benny
  9. God of No
  10. Judas
  11. Sick Sad City

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
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