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Zeller - Turbulences
Category: Industrial / Breakcore
Album: Turbulences
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Zeller revamps his own industrial intensity yet somehow flattens it with an overwhelmingly large collection of instrumental tracks.


The latest offering from French industrialist Zeller takes conventional electro/industrial intensity and obscures it with a barrage of breakbeats and electronic pulses that won’t give up. The new album, Turbulences takes his now identifiable take on the sound and redesigns it into something that works well for both audiophiles and club-goers alike. Slickly designed and well produced by front man and solo band member J-B Le Merre, the whopping 16 tracks that make up the album unfortunately turns Turbulences into a never-ending attack of rhythmic and anti-rhythmic reverberation. This seemingly endless assault of music downplays what could have been greatness into a lull of repetitiousness, and it’s with this repetition that the music eventually outstays its welcome. Taking each song at face value reveals music that is cleverly crafted and wildly infectious. However, this disc would have boded well as being released as an EP teaser with a few of the more superfluous tracks laid in for good measure, soon to be followed up by a simpler full-length release. With his move from independent label Hyman over to Tympanik Audio, it seems that Zeller has strived to impress with his first release under their umbrella. Turbulences is a prime example of an album where there is a great quality to the music, but unfortunately, the quantity is what mulls this point down considerably.

Tympanik Audio boasts some of the more experimental electronic artists out in the underground music scene today. Zeller is one such artist who has managed his way beyond this experimental line towards a more progressive, beat-driven sound. This progression is what distinguishes Zeller as an artist and creative songwriter. This fact had already been hinted upon through work done on his earlier 2008 debut Audio Vandalism. His music takes on an eclectic mix of industrial electronica, borderline dubstep beats, and a wide assortment of breakbeats and broken samples. All of these components solidify Zeller’s position in today’s underground music community. Gritty, dirty, and massively energetic, the new album works on a level of addictive homogeneousness. Each track is churned out with similar stylistic qualities, which are then elevated by slight yet meaningful unique auditory twists. There is an undeniable intensity that comes to the surface on the album, far beyond what Zeller had achieved with his debut. Turbulences is a collection of music that truly puts a spotlight on Zeller as an forceful musical entity to keep an eye on – but it’s a collection that could have been literally chopped in half and still the point would have been made.
Track list:

  1. Supernova
  2. Time Dilation
  3. Le Pain Maudit
  4. Sub Galaxies Riot
  5. Sonar Echoes
  6. Sea of Clouds
  7. Dark Matter Observatory
  8. Seneretatis Mare
  9. Variable Gravity
  10. Starship Weapons Kit
  11. Child Robots Contine
  12. The Beast
  13. Comet Falls
  14. Asperitatis Texture
  15. Galactic Dust
  16. Zion Asteroid

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