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ZandoZ Corp. - Personal ApocalypseZandoZ Corp.
Category: Industrial / Experimental / Noise
Album: Personal Apocalypse
Stars: 4
Blurb: Dichotomous and powerful, a soundtrack to the end of the world and the end of individual consciousness.


The very title of the fourth album of Sao Paulo’s prominent DJ Adriano Machado reveals the key ingredients of its numbing, noise driven content. Personal Apocalypse does not stray far from the cold ferocity of ZandoZ Corp.’s previous releases, but amid the piercing rage of clashing industrial intensity and rhythmic beats lies a humbling and beautiful realm – like an eye of the storm, entrapped and presumably inaccessible but an oasis of peace nevertheless, locked within the violent fury of emotions and sounds.

From the stark ambient backgrounds of “Connective Consciousness” and the puzzling, ominous recollections of suspenseful and yet strangely composed, horror derived melodies, ZandoZ Corp. patiently erects an impressive, experimental monument. Emerging soundscapes are at once filled with glitch-laden cacophony of clashing sounds and the tranquility underlying them, full of dissipated beeps and chimes. Hurrying the listener into the order of its IDM tempo are swirling compositions like “Hostile Adaptation” that patiently layers evocative moods of somberness that swallow and dominate the track’s more inherent industrial patterns in favor of impressionistic gravitas. This pronounced duality of Machado’s method never limits the scope of his musical imagination and the sonic destitute of the grievously themed “Requiem for Matter and Feelings” makes for strangely restrained but dynamic lament. The song’s richer, even more ponderous but amazingly elaborate and nuanced remix closes the album, reminding the listener of the self-inflicted bleakness of ZandoZ Corp.’s artistry. The act’s vision culminates in the titular “Personal Apocalypse” with the afflicting tones of this at once epic and intimate merger of deafening aberrations, full of resonant bass lines and Vangelis-esque precision in deploying singular sonic elements in an ornamental but indispensable manner. The fragile but sustained balance between the dynamic of rhythmic noise and the dark, gloomy atmospheres of Personal Apocalypse are successfully tested by the vibrant, haunting quality of pulsating synths on “Beyond the Infinity,” which moves determinately towards its inevitable but fulfilling climax, and “Manasic Fields,” which exploits the connection with distorted, fluctuating electronica and the persistence of breakcore drums. The odd siblings, “Deconstruction” and “Reconstruction” constitute a thoughtful and powerful duo of the acoustic and digital, making for a memorable send off to classical sensibilities and gritty industrial.

Personal Apocalypse does not shatter the existing order of experimental rhythmic noise, but even as a part of the focused and impressive catalog of the Signifier label, ZandoZ Corp. stands tall and proud – a composer of dreamlike realities that penetrate the consciousness with their dramatic properties without alienating the elemental, primeval even, urges for rhythm and beat. Your voyage to the resonant core of this release will be filled with sounds both raw and caustic but the revelations behind them are truly worthwhile.
Track list:

  1. Connective Consciousness
  2. Hostile Adaptation
  3. Requiem for Matter and Feelings
  4. Hidden Wings
  5. Beyond Infinity
  6. Across the Time
  7. The Permanent Atom (Was Braincell)
  8. Manasic Fields
  9. Personal Apocalypse
  10. Deconstruction
  11. Reconstruction (feat. Frederic Chopin)
  12. Hidden Wings (Displacer Rmx)
  13. Requiem for Matter and Feelings (Hysteresis Rmx)

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