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Yu Miyashita - Noble NicheYu Miyashita
Category: Ambient / Experimental
Album: Noble Niche
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: An uneven collection of dissonant ambient.


This collection from Japanese/British composer Yu Miyashita encompasses the best and worst of ambient, often in the space of just one track. On “Noble Niche,” the airy synth in the background, which appears frequently on the rest of the album, is far more interesting than the sharp clashing noises in the forefront. Despite the nice fluttering sounds combined with light fuzz at the beginning of “Psych Clock,” interest fades as it drones on, unchanging.

The low point is “Mimic,” which has the unfortunate combination of a stopping and starting main melody combined with a painfully out of place ‘20s style piano. Although it lasts less than two minutes, it gets boring fast. The high point is “Scrypt.” It starts off with well blended chimes and soft fuzz, combining a deep synth and clashing drums into a unique, captivating song. This track shows Yu Miyashita’s potential, and illustrates the best the ambient genre has to offer. If only there were more consistency throughout to emphasize the strengths of the genre and of Miyashita’s own abilities.
Track list:

  1. Latatan
  2. Noble Niche
  3. Scrypt
  4. Psych Clock
  5. Symmetrical Snare
  6. Mimic
  7. Sillwood
  8. Ruiz
  9. Raz
  10. Shadow Repeat
  11. Innumerable Lancers
  12. Meteo (Bonus Track)

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