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Y-Luk-O - AutarkY-Luk-O
Category: Industrial
Album: Autark
Blurb: Raving German industrial act Y-Luk-O returns after some years to shake up your gears and blow your boots off with some sinister grinding new sounds!


Veteran industrial act Y-Luk-O is back at it again with the new banging album Autark, which is German for “self-sufficient.” The excellent compositions still hint at the band’s history of experimenting with song structure, arriving at a raw atmosphere that keeps the spirit of the classic acts from the ‘80s that we all know and love, but combined with a modern and beautifully equalized final master that brings together the best of the worlds of contemporary electronic and the savage sound of the forefathers of industrial music. This refreshing album fits right in with your nostalgic classics and resides well as another addition to the all consuming industrial music machine. For those who have yet to be assimilated, prepare for your first communion.

With the body moving drive of the track “Communion,” the album is already fire; with whispering English lyrics (unlike most of the album, which is in German), your irresistible urge to dance will only fan the flames. Filled with glitchy sounds and horror samples, the blasphemy is beautiful. However, it’s not just an audio assault on your eternal soul as there is an epic music video accompanying it. Open your mouth wide, for you’re about to be filled by a visceral masterpiece of driving audio with dominating visuals of force feeding communion. This is their body; eat this in memory of Y-Luk-O.

These works are sexy, efficient, and driving like one who is self-sufficient. You will be taken around the world with the many versions of the title track “Autark,” each named for a different city, exploring the concept of the album as the raw dark electronic feeling reminds you of the city streets, factory efficiency, the under workings of machinery. A capturing of a romantic, seductive, soft distortion and passion in the vocals with the clean contrast of the visceral instrumentals keeps your attention like a knife held to your throat. If you want to sustain yourself, you must push forward into the blade and let the feeling cut through you. The ambience is reminiscent of a BDSM dungeon, full of intense feeling but simultaneous heartless savagery. A dark and tightly strapped together set of compositions, each and every version of the title track is its own entity with a unique sound to it. The album is tied together well and binds you to it.

As you turn the dials on your transmission device, an interstellar set devours the sky. Such is the feeling of “Magnetar,” another exciting track on the album. The synths are uplifting while the vocals have that throaty and eccentric accent that lives to the feeling of what the genre is known for. Prepare for a classic and fulfilling set of tracks that will have you coming back for more. Be sure to check out the music video online for the full experience of what’s in store in this album. If you are Autark, then this album is for you. Work… consume… survive.
Track list:

  1. Autark
  2. Communion
  3. Magnetar
  4. Zuse
  5. Autark [Leipzig]
  6. Autark [Boston]
  7. Autark [Halle by Artists Against Pop]
  8. Autark [St. Eval by Fakzility]
  9. Autark [Philadelphia by Ninetwelve]
  10. Autark [Adelaide by 11grams]

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