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XP8 - Burning DownXP8
Category: Futurepop
Album: Burning Down
Stars: 4
Blurb: Industrious Italian duo XP8 offers up another satisfying sonic indulgence, highlighting some of the best tracks from the last release and puts forth a collection of appealingly diverse remixes.


After releasing the semi-retrospective X – A Decade of Decadence, Italian futurepop duo XP8 followed up with 2012’s Burning Down, which does an excellent job of presenting remixes that showcase and enhance the originals while giving them enough of a fresh take to appeal to different crowds and DJs.

Each track here is deserving of attention in its own right, not only because the originals exemplify the strides forward XP8 has taken in its sound over the years, but because each remix highlights the talents of the remixer. The end result is a union of a fantastic original song and a fresh new perspective on it. With the exception of Iszoloscope’s trademark abrasive take on the track “Juggernaut” from The Art of Revenge, and the utterly refreshing “The Night of Pan,” a contemplative instrumental track that builds slowly and leaves an esoteric imprint in the mind, all of the remixes here are from X – A Decade of Decadence. Nitro/Noise interprets “Wake Up” and the result is full of terror beats with a focus on Marko Resurreccion’s vocals. “Trip ft. Stewart Who?” reworked by Kommand+Kontrol carries over the bit of irreverent, snarky fun from the original and injects some wobbly bass. The WormZ mix of “Burning Down” is more of a hardstyle interpretation, while the Needle Fac†ory take on the same song is more of an electro/industrial witch house classic and is one of the standout tracks on the album. Skinjob has an instant club hit with their take on “Bullet Hole,” full of solid grooves and an electro house feel.

All in all, every track on this EP could pack a dance floor depending on the setting; there’s really something here for everyone as each remix finds clever ways to present the originals in a new light. That’s the high mark of excellence every remix album should strive for.
Track list:

  1. Wake Up! (Awoken by Nitro/Noise)
  2. Burning Down (Phuncksztille & Pink Foamy Remix)
  3. Trip feat. Stewart Who? (Kommand+Kontrol Remix)
  4. Burning Down (WormZ Remix)
  5. Juggernaut (Iszoloscope Remix)
  6. Burning Down (Dirty and Grim Remix by Antythesys)
  7. The Wound That Won’t Heal (People Theatre Pansement Remix)
  8. Burning Down (Freakangel Remix)
  9. The Night of Pan
  10. Burning Down (Needle Fac†ory Remix)
  11. Bullet Hole (Skinjob .303 British Remix)
  12. Burning Down (Outro Mix by Cryogen Second)

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