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Xorcist - LegionXorcist
Category: Industrial / EDM
Album: Legion
Blurb: Gathering friends and fans to remix a few choice cuts from Xorcist.


Xorcist brings us a new slab of music in the form of a remix album featuring the likes of WICCID, Izsoloscope, Steven Olaf, and a few others interpreting songs by the artist. While some bring a new twist on the likes of certain songs, most retain the key elements that define the music of Xorcist. Some are hit, some are miss… like any remix album.

For this writer, the standout tracks came from artists WICCID, Scar Tissue, and Steven Olaf. As always, Erie Loch and WICCID deliver on an outstanding lead track for the album with an EBM remix with the distant feel of a Euro synth lead that has enough energy to keep the head bobbing throughout the runtime. The Scar Tissue remix stands out mainly because it sounds like Scar Tissue – as such, this remix could have been on any number of Re-Constriction or 21st Circuitry releases. What is most engaging about the remix though was the unique use of Middle Eastern vocal samples, which add a nice touch to an overall well done remix. The remix of “Pretty” by Steven Olaf may be this writer’s favorite remix on Legion; Olaf uses a vocoder on the vocals to bring a very Skinny Puppy feel to the overall mix, while on the bridge, he takes a bit of music theory and changes the key from minor to major – the stark key shift is noticeable but extremely pleasant to this reviewer’s ears. In fact, I found it probably the most enjoyable part of the entire album. Another standout track was Xorcist by Joel Bisson, which sounds straight out of 1991; think a bit My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult mixed with a bit of WaxTrax! era MINISTRY and folks, we have a winner! The only complaint is that the song carried on for far too long and this listener lost interest in the remix after a while.

The rest of the remixes tend to fall flat. Iszoloscope’s take on “Scorched Blood” was lackluster and too much like the WICCID remix. Placing it right after WICCID in the track listing was a mistake as it was too much of the same. The remix of “1999” by Hetaira Decrepita was, quite frankly, just an awful mess that turned Prince’s original into a statement on the end of the world with only the vocals somewhat reminding us of the original glory of the track. Like the “1999” remix, The Blue Hour turned in a gothic, ethereal remix adding in the distant female vocals, but leaving nothing to really grab onto or make you want to listen further.

Overall, Legion is well produced, but the quality of the remixes is varied. As pointed out, some are great while others suffer from being too long or just not bringing anything new or interesting to this listener’s ears.
Track list:

  1. Scorched Blood by WICCID
  2. Scorched Blood by Iszoloscope
  3. Xormix A by Scar Tissue
  4. Pretty by Steven Olaf
  5. 1999 by Hietaira Decrepita
  6. Trichotomy by The Blue Hour
  7. Insect by Prospero
  8. Xorcist by Joel Bisson
  9. U R the 1 by How Green is My Tupee
  10. Pretty (Dubstrumental) by Steven Olaf

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