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XISIX - Ghost KnifeXISIX
Category: Electronic
Album: Ghost Knife
Stars: 1.5
Blurb: A bland and repetitive affair that stomps around energetically but accomplishes nothing.


XISIX is a difficult pill to swallow as the band’s music is an amalgamation of beeps, clicks, random synths, house drums, and vocal samples aplenty, all of which easily describes the album Ghost Knife. Relatively new to the electronic music scene, XISIX presses together several styles, which to the band’s credit gives the music a distinct sound, although the execution is lacking. Ghost Knife suffers from a repetitive nature that begins with “Get Lost” and practically follows you throughout the album with a slight variation in some places, though “Get Lost” itself has a mass of variations within itself as the track goes from deep drums to ambient pads kicking throughout its conclusion. “Quiet Eyes,” however, kicks in the up-tempo drums that you’ll have to get used to as you’ll be hearing them on the majority of the following tracks and even with its tribal beeps don’t save this one from being monotonous. Due to the lack of true variation, it becomes difficult to tell when some songs end and others begin as “Remote Crash @ 120” simply sounds like a continuation of the track before it and “Raverobber” suffers the same fate as well. “Spinal Mutant” breaks up the repetition a little by kicking up the synths to match the drums and brings a little more added personality to the album. “Blue Vertebrae” has a bit of a dark edge and its grainy electronics come across well, but like the songs before them are seemingly trapped on the same drum pattern as their predecessors. “Oblique Phantoms” is odd in that it begins interestingly enough by having a pad and synth sequence that sounds like deep space travel. Unfortunately, it loses this charisma by weak breaks that do nothing more than disrupt the song itself. “Hunter in a Bad Mood” and “Dead Siac Burn” ultimately leave you bored and asleep as well due to their still not offering much in the way of musical variation, which makes Ghost Knife sound like nothing more than one continuous track with little to no direction. If you’re a fan of house music, you’ll probably find solace in this album in some ways, but even the biggest house fans will have trouble trudging through these mindless masses of musical nothingness. The tracks’ lack of variation would be easier to digest if they were a little less bland, but unfortunately, XISIX just comes up short here.
Track list:

  1. Get Lost
  2. Quiet Eyes
  3. Remote Crash @ 120
  4. Raverobber
  5. Spinal Mutant
  6. Grey Ant
  7. Blue Vertebrae
  8. Oblique Phantoms
  9. Frenzyhole
  10. Hunter in a Bad Mood
  11. Dead Siac Burn
  12. Raverobber (D Gross Remix)
  13. Dead Siac Burn (Grant Remix)

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