Jun 2011 20

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Category: Industrial
Album: Vs.
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Formulated industrial angst, well-done and nicely produced as a sampler, provides fodder for Xiescive’s next step with a full-length release.


Every so often, someone comes along who has the talent to make you want to move feverishly on the dance floor with music that doesn’t just hold your interest – it grabs it. Typically, these artists are lost in a mass of overly produced electronic chaos that seems to get more attention than they deserve. Trevor Weeks, otherwise known as the sole member of his own recent solo project Xiescive is one of those artists. Giving us a taste of what he has to offer the underground club scene, he hits hard with the debut release of his teaser EP, titled Vs. The usual assemblage of pounding beats, underlying synth grind, and raspy, guttural vocals combine together surprisingly successfully on this disc; but there is something else beneath the surface here. This mini-teaser shows us the new face of electronica as Weeks sees it, through an assortment of industrial turmoil that he has chosen to represent his band’s identity. Vs. essentially gives us a window into the mind of an up-and-coming artist who has up until now been hiding in the background. No stranger to the underground music scene, Weeks has immersed himself for over two decades as a songwriter, recording artist, and producer, and from the moment “Time to Die” takes a hold of you with its piercing synths and progressive drum loops, you instantly accept that Xiescive is to be acknowledged as slightly above the norm. Electronic distortion is the key with most of Xiescive’s music, and in the vein of Combichrist, C/A/T, or Suicide Commando, he single-handedly manages to cut through the surface of mediocrity with a wonderfully abrasive tonality. Distorted beats deliver a contagiousness that falls opposite Weeks’ harsh vocals with a hollow synth background playing greatly against both on “Subversion.” The toned down “Sex, Drugs & Electro,” arguably not the strongest track on the EP, manages nothing more than to provide a nice break in between the mayhem of the other tracks. The bedlam returns once again on the backend with some great sampling integrated into “Walking Vision” and the oddly barren sounding closer song, “The Crucible Effect.”

Setting himself above similar acts, Weeks takes the time to carefully construct bold soundscapes of tension and force, the likes of which combine together into a semblance of constancy and uniformity. Xiescive may still be trying to gain a full identity with his music; however, the steps that have been taken with this EP clearly show that he’s on the right path. It’ll be much easier to gain an appreciation for his developed style once a full-length album surfaces on the market. At that point, we will surely see the unique trademarks that set him apart from the hoards of electro/industrial musicians out today.
Track list:

  1. Time to Die
  2. Subversion
  3. Sex, Drugs & Electro
  4. Waking Vision
  5. The Crucible Effect

Xiescive Website http://xiescive.com
Xiescive MySpace http://www.myspace.com/xiescive
Xiescive Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xiescive/159926150706700
Xiescive ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/xiescive
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