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Category: Industrial
Album: Update 3.0
Stars: 4
Blurb: [x]-Rx throws down 13 highly addictive dance tracks that distinguish them as a band of uniquely abrasive and wonderfully unrefined style.


Over recent years, the aggressiveness of German industrial dance music has climaxed considerably and the number of purveyors of said music has exploded. How then is a band to stand out among the masses and show us that they have something special to offer? [x]-Rx is one of those lucky and talented acts that have managed to evolve from the ashes of mediocrity and prove around the world that they are an electronic force to be reckoned with. The self-proclaimed “industrial rave gods from Cologne” have put out two solid danceable electronic albums since emerging a few years back, and almost everything that they offer on their third collection solidifies their position in the electro/industrial scene.

[x]-Rx has consistently geared their music straight at the underground dance movement, consistently accelerating their pace and improving upon their production values in effort to appease the club-going masses. Bad boys Cyrex and Sine-X wish to simply pierce your eardrums and force you to move with Update 3.0, an album with content that picks up precisely where their last disc left off and offers no apologies. Hammering out track after track of pulsing, rhythmic electronic dance music shows that the [x]-Rx formula remains fairly unchanged, although there are a couple of glaring switch-ups that occur on this album. A first for the industrial duo comes through “Push It,” a track that includes complete lyrics from the band for the first time in their catalog. [x]-Rx’s characteristic sample-infused music takes a back seat to this track as it pushes the envelope (no pun intended) with vocals that yell at you to yell right back. Here the chant-along vocal grind winds up taking control of the song more so than any mere sample could have done. Another first is the series of remixes at the end of the album by such major electronic dance artists as Soman, SAM, and Chainreactor. This “imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery” mentality shows that even some of the pinnacle names in the electronic music scene now deem the hard-hitting music of [x]-Rx worthy of overhauling. Fundamental dance tracks that are notable by means of their aggressive simplicity include “Bass and Percussion,” “Virus Infect,” and “Drums Bass Drugz and Noize.” The characteristic club sound that the band is renowned for shines brightly with these as well as most other tracks on Update 3.0, making it great DJ fodder. But not to be labeled as a collection of club singles, this music also manages an intense yet straightforward listen from front to back as a full-length album – no small feat for a band in the industrial dance genre. As subtle as a punch in the face and as elegant as an explosion, the immediacy and fevered pace that [x]-Rx manages on Update 3.0 makes it one of the top industrial dance albums out today.
Track list:

  1. The Update
  2. Drums Bass Drugz and Noize
  3. Das Ewige Leben
  4. The Doll Underground
  5. Panikattacke
  6. Push It!
  7. Bass and Percussion
  8. Electric Man
  9. Kra
  10. Mechanics
  11. This is Rock ‘n’ Roll
  12. Virus Infect
  13. Der Prediger
  14. The Doll Underground (SAM RMX)
  15. Electric Man (Quagmired by Phosgore)
  16. Bass and Percussion (Add Distortion Remix by Chainreactor)
  17. The Update (Soman Remix)
  18. The Update (Cyrex’s Noise Mix)

[x]-Rx MySpace http://www.myspace.com/xrxindustrial
ProNoize / Dark Dimensions Website http://www.darkdimensions.de
ProNoize MySpace http://www.myspace.com/130111845
Dark Dimensions MySpace http://www.myspace.com/darkdimensionslabelgroup
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