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[X]-Rx - Activate the Machinez[X]-Rx
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Activate the Machinez
Stars: 2
Blurb: A bland and repetitive but charismatic offering that provides potential but does little to further itself.


[X]-Rx has come to make you dance, but unfortunately, that’s probably all they’ve come to do. The band’s latest offering, Activate the Machinez offers plenty of hard beats and minor vocal chants, but the over repetition throughout the album ultimately hurts its quality. Each track sounds like a color copy sequel to the track before it, all packed with the exact same four-on-the-floor club stomp drums and bass with different lead sounds. Ultimately, Activate the Machinez will get old fast and most users will either play through it once and hold on to a few tracks for parties or skip this one altogether.

“Escalate” kicks off the album with effectiveness and showmanship and brings the high energy and hard beats and perhaps sets the rest of the album for fail. “Hard Bass Hard Soundz” picks up exactly where its predecessor left off, but gets old as it is the same basic chords and vocals repeated over and over for four minutes. Title track “Activate the Machinez” suffers from this same fate as the track is catchy but loses its luster after the first two minutes and the activation of the machines results in mild excitement that ultimately dwindles down to boredom. “Hit the Drums” differs itself slightly with laser keys and a little singing, though this isn’t enough to a save it from the repetition found throughout the rest of the track list. “Sadistortion” stands out from the rubble with its video game electronics and super catchy bass lines and keys and actually breaks the monotony shortly. “Pervertiert” brings the album to a close, though not nearly on as strong a note as it began and offers the exact same repetition that weakens the entire project overall.

[X]-Rx’s Activate the Machinez is a mindless offering that is killed by its own overwhelming repetitiveness and blandness. Each track will sound like the track before it and have the exact structure as well. A few tracks here will get the dance floor moving, but this one is mostly cannon fodder and probably best if skipped altogether.
Track list:

  1. Fear, Destruction, Machines (Intro)
  2. Escalate
  3. Hard Bass Hard Soundz
  4. Activate the Machinez
  5. Die Holle auf Erden
  6. Blood On the Dancefloor
  7. Hit the Drums
  8. Sadistortion
  9. Untot
  10. Hollenburger
  11. Kein Herz
  12. Pervertiert

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