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X-Fusion - Thorn in My FleshX-Fusion
Category: Industrial
Album: Thorn in My Flesh
Stars: 3
Blurb: A heavy, aggressive, and fast paced collection of songs that claw and pound at the ears.


Jan L. brings us the fourteenth release from his industrial project X-Fusion with Thorn in My Flesh and brings it with a vengeance. The album begins as if it is setting a fire and then proceeds to pour gas to make it burn bigger and faster, with angry, growling like vocals, vicious pounding drums, and wild electronica and industrial sounds. Dark, creepy, scary, and powerful are all accurate adjectives to describe Thorn in My Flesh and the album’s walls of sound. However, after 14 releases, some may feel that X-Fusion is treading the usual territory and may require a bit of a changeup in the future to keep things fresh.

The album begins like the first scenes of a horror movie with opening track “Poem” and this well done piece could have easily been put in the soundtrack to any slasher film; it’ll haunt you long after it has played, which will most likely prompt you to play it again. Immediately following is “Stroke by Stroke” and the track easily sets the pace for the rest of the album with steady drums, eerily catchy synths, and angry, scraping vocals that grab the ear quite nicely. “Strange New World” is definitely one of the more notable tracks on the album and sounds delightfully scary and has wonderful keys played throughout. “Easy to Hate” is a fantastic piece filled with fire and anger with an amped tempo and lyrics about hatred to put the listener in a volatile state, while title track “Thorn In My Flesh” is a refreshing song that comes along and breaks what could become monotony as the track is a bit different from the album’s other offerings.

X-Fusion does what they’re known for well with Thorn in My Flesh, but there won’t be any new ground or chances taken here. This album is full of catchy synths, clawing vocals, steady drums, and high tempos, and while X-Fusion doesn’t lose one step with it, for longtime fans it may come off as more of the same or a continuation of past albums rather than something fresh. After 14 releases, X-Fusion definitely runs the risk of sounding stagnant with this album, but still, Thorn in My Flesh is a solid release worthy of some time for any fan of the band.
Track list:

  1. Poem
  2. Stroke by Stroke
  3. Strange New World
  4. Holy Grail
  5. Divine Spite
  6. Easy to Hate
  7. Thorn in My Flesh
  8. Funeral Cortege
  9. Shadows of Myself
  10. Just a Scar
  11. Odd One Out
  12. Kalt

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