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:Wumpscut: - Schrekk & Grauss:Wumpscut:
Category: Industrial
Album: Schrekk & Grauss
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: An album of catchy synths and, at times, harsh industrial that is marred by repetition.


:Wumpscut: wants to scare you into submission with Schrekk & Grauss, which roughly translates into “Scare & Horror,” and with the sound of this project from the delivery of the distorted vocals and the harsh industrial synths, it makes perfect sense. This album sports a very dark tone and creeps along in a way that almost screams “I’m under your bed and I’m going to eat you!” However, the repetition here is definitely overused and at some points, the album becomes less creepy and more ambient.

Schrekk & Grauss begins with “Rudolf Wolzerk,” a track that builds up through its intro to some very creepy synths and vocals that sound as if a monster were chasing you through a dark tunnel, while the following title track, “Schrekk &Grauss” is a gem with a catchy sound of dread, pounding drums, and ominous bass. “Muselmann” quiets down the album and sounds less creepy or scary and more melodic, though this could be coincidental as “Eldende Buben” sounds more seductive by its delivery of the vocals and the rhythm of the drums sounding like that of a demented waltz of creatures of the night. “Jiddisch is a Zwillink” is extremely repetitive, which is a problem throughout the album; however, this track stands out because the repeated phrase changes frequently during the duration of the song making it a bit refreshing. With “Kikeriki” the scare factor comes back to the music with a haunting laughter, more ominous bass, and horrifying screams heard in the background. “Alles Aus” ends Schrekk & Grauss, but it ends on a soft ambient sound rather than anything heavy or harsh and seems to tell the ending to a story that may have been running throughout the album.

:Wumpscut: has done very beautiful and brutal harsh industrial in the past and while Schrekk & Grauss is somewhat similar to older material, it also contains softer sides as well. The repetition used is often a bit too much and goes on far too long, which hurts the overall listening experience, but ultimately, :Wumpscut: has produced an album that is sure to please longtime fans even though Schrekk & Grauss is nowhere near the apex of this industrial act’s material.
Track list:

  1. Rudolf Wolzek
  2. Schrekk & Grauss
  3. Muselmann
  4. Elende Buben
  5. Patient A.
  6. Jiddisch is a Zwillink
  7. Wumpelstilz
  8. Kikeriki
  9. Zombibikini
  10. Alles Aus

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