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:Wumpscut: - Innerfire:Wumpscut:
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Innerfire
Blurb: :Wumpscut: mastermind Rudy Ratzinger calls it quits and Metropolis Records releases a career spanning three disc “greatest hits” of the industrial/EBM mainstay.


This writer has always found ReViewing a “greatest hits” album to be very difficult. In one respect, these are the songs that we all know and love from :Wumpscut:, so there is nothing new here to critique nor is there a chance for you to hear something new from one of your favorites. If you are any kind of fan of Rudy Ratzinger’s, you will know all the tracks on Innerfire, so rather than give a critical review of the album, I’ll talk about a few of my favorites.

“Madman Szpital” is a song that feels like a departure from most of :Wumpscut:’s other material. Is it a ballad? Perhaps a samba? Whatever it is, the music is immensely enjoyable and I find myself far more entertained by the song than perhaps I should be. Listening to “Madman Szpital,” images of beaches and pina colada’s pop into my head, right or wrong that is what I gather from this song. Another favorite is “Boneshaker Baybee,” a four-on-the-floor club hit that has been used in many a DJ set. It just has a great classic :Wumpscut: sound and always gets the blood pumping. “Soylent Green” is probably the one song that most of are familiar with, as it was the hit that propelled :Wumpscut: into the public eye of this genre. It’s still a classic evoking the same reactions for this writer that it did the first time.

Having been making music since 1991, there are bound to be a few misses here and there. “Siamese” and “The Grim Reaper” just fall flat with uninteresting vocals and instrumentation that is, quite frankly, generic for :Wumpscut:. Latter material as it may be, some may not find it as enticing as the middle of Ratzinger’s career, “The Grim Reaper” being the most ridiculous. Imagine that one guy in high school that fancied himself a Satanist repeating over and over again “I am the grim reaper” in an attempt to be scary and controversial. Even in this scene, that just seems odd and out of place.

Comprised of three discs containing 43 tracks spanning the whole of :Wumpscut:’s career, Innerfire is the sort of collection that any fan of Rudy Ratzinger’s musical output should probably have in the collection.
Track list:
Disc 1

  1. The Show Will Go On
  2. Soylent Green
  3. On the Run
  4. Black Death
  5. Funeral Diner
  6. Capital Punishment
  7. Thorns
  8. Embryodead
  9. War
  10. Ich Will Dich
  11. Totmacher
  12. Hang Him Higher
  13. Overkill

Disc 2

  1. Dobret Reinhard Dobret
  2. Deliverance
  3. Wreath of Barbs
  4. Just a Tenderness
  5. Our Fatal Longing
  6. Don’t Go
  7. Evoke
  8. Jesus Antichristus
  9. Die Liebe
  10. We Believe, We Believe
  11. You Are a Goth
  12. Schäbiger Lump
  13. Rifki
  14. The Boo
  15. Fuckit
  16. Boneshaker Baybee

Disc 3

  1. Deutschland
  2. Siamese
  3. Schrekk & Grauss
  4. Muselmann
  5. Woman and Satan First
  6. Grobian
  7. Tod Essen Leben Auf
  8. Madman Szpital
  9. Furunkel Lolita
  10. Cross of Iron
  11. That Was the Life That Was
  12. The Grim Reaper
  13. Unser Kleiner Weltkrieg
  14. Das Bose Rumburak

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