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Category: Goth
Album: The Threshingfloor
Stars: 3
Blurb: David Eugene Vincent’s apocalyptic visions are more mystical this time around.


On 2008’s Ten Stones, the eschatological side of David Eugene Vincent’s Christian faith was in full effect, adding a Biblical sense of dread to his Bad Seeds-style gothic Americana with numerous welcoming references to Armageddon. On Wovenhand’s latest, the apocalyptic themes are still present, but less overtly violent this time around, seemingly concerned not so much with literal Judgment Day as with revelation in the sense of mystical, transcendental experience. Hints of Middle Eastern instrumentation on title track “The Threshingfloor” and Native American chanting on “Raise Her Hands” add to a sense of universal transcendence; so, too, do the occasional tripped out vocal effects and wavering guitars on “His Rest.” Lest this all sound as though Wovenhand has gone soft, let fans of Vincent’s driving gothic/folk intensity be reassured; “Behind Your Breath” and “Truth” are as dark and intense as anything he’s ever recorded, with simmering bass lines and sharp minor-key acoustic strums, and “Singing Grass” is sparse and bleak, Vincent’s vocals half-spoken over mournful cello and finger-picked guitar. At least this time around, though, he ends things on a happy note; “Denver City” is an unexpectedly straightforward up-tempo and upbeat rock number. Wovenhand is as sincere an expression of Vincent’s religious beliefs as ever, but this time around there isn’t quite the same sense of glee about impending judgment, at least to the ears of those who don’t share his faith. Whether that’s a good thing for his music or not will ultimately be decided by his diehard fans, but for more casual listeners with an interest in gothic Americana, The Threshingfloor may be the most accessible Wovenhand album so far.
Track list:

  1. Sinking Hands
  2. The Threshingfloor
  3. A Holy Measure
  4. Raise Her Hands
  5. His Rest
  6. Singing Grass
  7. Behind Your Breath
  8. Truth
  9. Terre Haute
  10. Orchard Gate
  11. Wheatstraw
  12. Denver City

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