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Worms of the Earth - Azal'ucelWorms of the Earth
Category: Dark Ambient / Experimental
Album: Azal’ucel / 4 Rites for Transformation
Stars: 4
Blurb: Focusing purely on organic rhythms evoking ancient rituals and dark ambience that seems culled from the pits of an unknown hell, this latest outing from Worms of the Earth conjures up the illuminator of the soul.


Worms of the Earth - 4 Rites for TransformationNever one to rest on his laurels or allow himself to fall into a pattern of creative stagnation, Dan Barrett takes his Worms of the Earth project deeper into the occultish realms of experimental and dark ambient music with his latest outing. As the title is formed from the sigillic formula of Azazel and Lucifer, Azal’ucel is wrought with all of the hallmarks that have distinguished Worms of the Earth from others of its ilk, carried by a highly rhythmic and diverse palate of bleak atmospheres. Where this album deviates from past efforts is its pure focus on ambience and ritualistic drive, coming across less as the substantive experiments of a modern cyberpunk with a mere interest and more like an audio journey into a forgotten era of a history known only to genuine practitioners of the black arts. Gone are the distorted and dance floor ready beats that would often take over the sonic narrative, replaced by percussion that sounds as virulent as organic as any tribal procession. Such is the case with opening track “Disgraced at the Foot of the Throne of God,” in which rumbling choirs of hymnal chants and prayers atop the scuffling of cavernous ambience gives way to steadily rising rolls of marching drums, or in “A Pestilent Fog Descends Upon the Empyreal Throne,” the ascending percussive breaks and growls of hollow pads underscored by subtly melodic passages that give the malevolent impression of ancient rites not meant for mere humans to take part in. More of these semblances of melody appear in the harrowing progressions of “Fork-Tongued Priests at Black Gehanna Again Speak My Name,” the twinkling of pianos in “Endless Hallways of the Angelic Spires,” and especially in the crystalline sounds of “Of Statues and the Sacred Gardens,” immediately recalling those distinctive themes heard on past Worms of the Earth albums. “Two Hundred Years Beneath the Frozen Lake” produces an appropriately frigid effect with the cold atmosphere accentuated by the skittering of viscous creatures, while the sung incantations of “Drawing the Twelve Sigils of Set-heh” amid the roars of abysmal darkness are decrepit enough to cause even the most iron willed listener to abandon all hope. Azal’ucel also appears in a special limited edition that includes the 4 Rites for Transformation EP, featuring remixes and remastered versions of compilation and B-side tracks.

While Lucifer is described as the illuminator of the soul, unveiling the light of self, only those with a true appreciation of sorcery and magick will understand the breadth of Azal’ucel’s musical power, as well as the lengths to which Barrett has taken Worms of the Earth’s more thematic and atmospheric elements without losing the impact of its musical impressions. At face value, however, the album will undoubtedly be heralded by proponents of the genre as the darkest of dark ambient with nary a trace of light to be found with each passing track plunging the listener deeper into the pits of an unknown hell.
Track list:
Disc 1: Azal’ucel

  1. Disgraced at the Foot of the Throne of God
  2. Two Hundred Years Beneath the Frozen Lake
  3. Wandering Cadaverous Fields Toward the Citadel at Topheth
  4. Fork-Tongued Priests at Black Gehanna Again Speak My Name
  5. Of Statues and the Sacred Gardens
  6. Drawing the Twelve Sigils of Set-heh
  7. Endless Hallways of the Angelic Spires
  8. A Pestilent Fog Descends Upon the Empyreal Throne
  9. Tearing Down the Christian Pantheon

Disc 2: 4 Rites for Transformation

  1. Luciferian Sabbat
  2. Sealed Within an Earthen Tomb
  3. Vessel of Jade Elixir and Water
  4. Niryaana

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