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Worms of the Earth - AnāgāmiWorms of the Earth
Category: Industrial / Dark Ambient / Experimental
Album: Anāgāmi
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: As rooted in history and mysticism as in the reality of the modern world, Worms of the Earth releases an exploratory album full of experimental atmosphere and melodic introspection.


Dan Barrett has with his various projects exemplified the creative spirit and a dedication to the development of his craft for several years, but most especially with his primary musical outlet, Worms of the Earth. From humble beginnings composing rudimentary power noise, Barrett has taken the project through a remarkable evolution toward a more experimental and intellectual outlook that incorporates ancient world history and mythology in a manner few artists can tout. Signing to the prestigious Tympanik Audio label for this latest album, Anāgāmi presents the next phase of Worms of the Earth’s journey; with the title translating literally to “non-returning,” the album showcases a variety of confrontational sonic modes while at the same time possessing the capacity for spiritual enlightenment from which both artist and listener may never revert. It may sound grandiose, but to hear the complexity of Worms of the Earth’s music on Anāgāmi, one can detect that Barrett is up to the task.

“Wandering the Realm of Wind and Sand” sets the stage as a subdued but pervasive drone of wind enters along with a repeating ethnic melody that will immediately place the listener in the center of a vast expanse of desolation, the voices present but as ghostly as the wind. A series of organic percussion introduces the beat, creating a viscerally charged effect as both melody and rhythm gradually build in intensity until a gritty, slightly glitchy beat rears its delightfully ugly head and thrusting us into the new territory Worms of the Earth will take us through. On Anāgāmi, the juxtaposition of motifs evoking Eastern mysticism with the seething electrified distortion of modern technology, the two flowing in and around each other effortlessly to create soundscapes as hauntingly familiar as it is frighteningly alien abound. This is particularly so on tracks like “Exhuming the Tome of the Worm” as a pounding industrial beat pummels its way across the sound of whispered chants recanting ancient rituals and hollow ambience that echo the spirits of long dead gods, and “Ceaseless Suffering (The Poisons of Being)” with its furiously danceable beat that marches as faint moans that hover between torturous and erotic fade in and out of the mix, a crystalline melody finally appearing in the song’s final section to instill a mournful cadence amid the punishing noise. Also notable is “Arupadhatu,” by which time the listener is plunged so deep in the album’s milieu that escape is virtually impossible, as a mechanical atmosphere of overdriven beats and technological malfunctions echo the titters of some hidden, otherworldly intelligence, an ethnic melody hinting at its ancient origins.

Throughout Anāgāmi, Barrett challenges the listener with his ever shifting moods that are rooted deeply in Earth’s history and mythology as they reach for the great beyond – not in a cosmic sense, but perhaps toward enlightenment akin to the spiritual philosophies and the occult practices of old, while steeped in the reality of the modern world. Worms of the Earth aggressively explores the boundaries where mythology and the real world clash, creating a sound that is not easily defined; yet through it all, the music balances between the listener’s need for the familiarity of melody and the abandon of the dance, making for music that will find its way on the dance floor when needs be while providing a foundation for introspection and contemplation. While only the second full-length album, Anāgāmi proves that Dan Barrett is intent on taking Worms of the Earth into further depths of experimentation and already one of today’s most exploratory talents.
Track list:

  1. Wandering the Realm of Wind and Sand
  2. Exhuming the Tome of the Worm
  3. Enshrined in the Sacred Stones
  4. 18 Hands of Cundi
  5. Sammā-Sati
  6. Ceaseless Suffering (The Poisons of Being)
  7. Kaivalya
  8. Arupadhatu
  9. 1st Jhāna (Dimension of Space)
  10. 2nd Jhāna (Dimension of Consciousness)
  11. Anāgāmi

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