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Word Made Flesh - Word Made FleshWord Made Flesh
Category: Industrial / Experimental
Album: Word Made Flesh
Blurb: Leaving behind the catchy hooks in favor of a more severe and scathing sonic direction, this latest outing from Cubanate/Be My Enemy mastermind Phil Barry is sure to test the listener’s auditory limits in the best way possible.


Through his tenure in Cubanate and his de facto solo outlet Be My Enemy, Phil Barry has proven to be a man of many talents. His ability to blend varying forms of abrasive yet catchy and danceable electronica with the guttural riff-laden hooks of heavy metal have branded him a pioneering entity in modern music for over 25 years. Teaming up with Keith Baker for his latest outlet, Word Made Flesh now sees Barry pursuing a more darkly experimental route that takes his skills into a new sonic realm. From start to finish, Word Made Flesh bombards the listener with an onslaught of noisy synthetic atmospheres, topped off by occasional strands of distorted spoken word to create a dark tapestry of mental and emotional discord. Balancing the accessible with the excessive, there are traces of Barry’s more rhythmically virulent work, but furiously mangled and juxtaposed with the more obscure elements to such a degree as to render them equally disturbing. Such is the case in the scathing EBM bass lines of “The Process,” stemming from a sharply dissonant intro into a seething dance floor assault where each kick and snare flogs the listener; incendiary waves of noise wax and wane to tear down one’s mental fortitude over the course of an epic 10-and-a-half minutes, leading to an ominous coda of a repeated piano phrases, and Barry’s bleak vocals declaring “All thoughts destroyed.” Similarly, the opening track “Art Brut” begins with an abstract, almost dark ambient passage that finally erodes into the approaching menace of breakbeats and distorted drones, while the monolithic “The Forest” closes the album with what would be an ideal soundtrack for a modern horror movie as whiplash beats underscore swells and thrusts of nightmarish static and pads. The infectious “Black Mirror” pulsates with steely bass lines and shrill textures that almost seem inspired by the sort of dystopic technological nightmares that drive the show of the same name, as the barrage of gabber and jungle beats in “Death Posture” and the penetrating layers of samples, guitars, and synth on “Heretic” make for some appropriately belligerent doses of industrialized rage. Less noisy but no less intense is “Waters of Sleep,” a lullaby of resonant pianos and throaty distortions that offers only the most minimal of respite from the caustic ordeal that is Word Made Flesh. With Keith Baker and mastering by Jules Seifert, Phil Barry has taken his abilities to such an extreme of compositional exploration and sonic severity with Word Made Flesh that even fans of his earlier work should approach this record with caution lest it inflict permanent damage on both their ears and their psyches. You have been warned.
Track list:

  1. Art Brut
  2. The Butterfly Dream
  3. Death Posture
  4. Black Mirror
  5. Heretic
  6. Waters of Sleep
  7. The Clock Stops
  8. The Process
  9. Morning Star
  10. The Forest

Word Made Flesh
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