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Women Should Not Drink Alcohol - See You Next TuesdayWomen Should Not Drink Alcohol
Category: Industrial / Experimental
Album: See You Next Tuesday
Stars: 3
Blurb: A hard-hitting exercise in empowerment through raw industrial and emancipation through provocative, ironic temper.


Long before See You Next Tuesday will begin to unravel in the listener’s head, it will imprint its controversial, sarcastic imagery and tone upon the ever scrutinizing social retina. The fruit of the work of three musicians – Rik Excev, David Christian, and Jeff Swearingen, all of whom have worked before on separate electronic projects – Women Should Not Drink Alcohol is an industrial entity with charisma to spare but one whose challenging musical properties at times limp behind the clever, ironic dialectic.

There is a lot going on under the hood of WSNDA’s See You Next Tuesday and from the opening moments of “Hello, I Am Eskil,” you will be asked to penetrate noisy, atmospheric compositions that won’t be immediately accessible to anyone not invested in the post-industrial stylizations. Rich in samples, glitches, and distortions that are contested by the rhythm of the beat and ambient-like fuzzing textures, the first track heralds the dangerous, unsettling mood of the entire album. “Behind the DJ Booth” continues this thrilling, increasingly menacing trend, which begins to play out ironically, highlighting the band’s permuting sense of humor. The addition of snippets of female voices haunting the background and synthesizers potently evoking the twisted club routines of Front Line Assembly diversifies the first half of the experience in a coherent but continuously intriguing manner. Weighty and laden with beeps, the arrangements are paced deliberately with every ominous distortion emphasizing the music’s intensely dark character. “The First Kiss After Vomit,” in which all these tropes are continued and blended once again to produce a sizzling, is a hard-hitting track that comes to epitomize the band’s commitment to memorable yet demanding industrial songwriting.

However, as the album progresses, you will be forgiven for losing your concentration amid the constant onslaught of harsh musical soundscapes. Even the remixes are defined by the beat’s raw industrial consistency and the only techno related danceable quality of WSNDA lies in the barebones use of rhythm. Mangadrive on their rendition of “Behind the DJ Booth” moves excruciatingly slow through the sparse distortions of the opening before deploying an entrancing, dance floor ready combination of bass and glitch. Closing the track list, the mix by NXV negates all hints of clubbing predispositions and serves a dense, slow burning, IDM inspired iteration of a composition that previously oozed industrial spirit.

See You Next Tuesday eventually exhausts its potential and with full conviction serves the proverbial more of the same. “I Don’t Normally Do This” marks a peak of the band’s overreliance on pounding, monotone structures and is easy to dismiss alongside the furious “The Bathroom Massacre” and even the dichotomous and explosive “WSNDA vs. W.A.S.T.E.” That is not to say that the simplicity of blunt instrumentation steeped in distortion is not appealing but with only the faintest glimmers of diversity, the album grows tiresome when consumed domestically. Instead of shifting or escalating their sonic assaults, all tracks patiently progress through grinding concoctions that although filled with obvious aggressive dynamism lack a powerful crescendo. The sense of humor, whether truly indignant or not to the sexist overtones, is band’s greatest strength and is followed closely by their understanding of cardinal industrial principle. It’s the dissonance between the listener’s assumptions regarding the musical dynamic that should be conditioned by WSNDA’s cynicism and what the band actually delivers that unmakes the album. From a glance over the track titles to See You Next Tuesday’s last notes, there is more entertainment in the conceptual framework than in the actual product. Discern it for what it is though – a pounding, relentless slice of industrial grit – and there’s a good chance that you will leave satisfied, even if slightly confused.
Track list:

  1. Hello, I Am Eskil
  2. Behind the DJ Booth
  3. The First Kiss After Vomit
  4. Women Should Not Drink Alcohol
  5. I Don’t Normally Do This
  6. He Pissed in a Trash Can in Noisex’s Dressing Room
  7. The Bathroom Massacre
  8. WSNDA vs. W.A.S.T.E.
  9. WSNDA vs. Cervello Elettronico
  10. Behind the DJ Booth (Odio84 Remix)
  11. Hello, I am Eskil (Whiteqube Remix)
  12. Behind the DJ Booth (Mangadrive Remix)
  13. He Pissed in a Trash Can in Noisex’s Dressing Room (NXV Remix)

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