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Witness the Apotheosis - When the Night Comes
Witness the Apotheosis
Category: Industrial
Album: When the Night Comes
Stars: 2
Blurb: A single that does not soar to the heights promised by the band’s moniker.


A seven track single from Athens, Georgia’s Witness the Apotheosis, When the Night Comes is just the second entry in this young group’s discography. Though attempting to show off their spin on dance floor friendly electronic darkwave by incorporating cello into the mix, When the Night Comes feels more like an interesting concept that got overpowered and watered down until it was bland enough to fit into a specific niche rather than making its own path.

Starting with the original version of “When the Night Comes,” the group’s biggest problems quickly become apparent as the untouched, unprocessed, untreated, rough, and frequently off-key gothic rock style vocals try in vain to mesh with the conflicting style of the music. The music itself, apart from the cello flourishes, is largely typical, predictable, and extremely familiar mixture of synths, beats, and guitar riffs. Apparently not generic enough though, the New Wave Cut removes all traces of the group’s one unique point, leaving the listener cello-less and bored. The single’s midpoint brings the non sequitur and overly artsy “Modern Prometheus” that acts as a collection of pseudo-new age sounds overlaid by spoken word poetry that feels amazingly out of place and will leave listeners rolling their eyeballs at its dramatic pretense. Trying the best they could with the mismatched vocals, The Dark Clan’s version of “When the Night Comes” is probably the most effective with its heavy processing and auto-tuning of the vocals in an attempt to soften and better mold them to the music style. EyesofKaos’ take on the track plays with the vocals as well, but instead of processing and auto-tuning, they decided to simply play with the balance and levels like a 10-year-old playing with the “cool slidey things” on a mixer.

Though mixing cello into an electronic darkwave act is an interesting idea, it is not nearly enough to freshen up the overly typical and run-of-the-mill sound of “When the Night Comes,” and the by-the-numbers remixes definitely don’t do anything to help spice things up. In this single, Witness the Apotheosis seems to be aiming more to fit in rather than to stand out. As a young band, doing their best imitation of The Crüxshadows with a bigger stringed instrument and more shouting is not the sort of thing conducive to making a name for themselves or even seeming worthwhile.

Track list:

  1. When the Night Comes
  2. When the Night Comes (New Wave Cut)
  3. When the Night Comes (Verve Mix by Creation)
  4. Modern Prometheus
  5. When the Night Comes (Robotron’s Messy Breakup Remix by The Dark Clan)
  6. When the Night Comes (Tonight the Computers Dance Mix by EyeofKaos)
  7. Groom Lake (Andyredrum Extended Club Mix)

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