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William Control - The NeuromancerWilliam Control
Category: Industrial / Electronic
Album: The Neuromancer
Stars: 4
Blurb: William Control takes listeners on a journey of love, sex, BDSM, and great electronic music.


Sexuality, sadism, and pure electro/goth greatness return with William Control’s latest release The Neuromancer. Control, who is also the lead vocalist for Aiden, has created something very dark but very real with this latest work. The Neuromancer’s 11 tracks will make listeners go through a slew of emotions such as love, hate, and lust, but rather than just touch on those feelings, the lyrics and the music pull you into the experience and almost make you live out the songs one by one.

After a poetic piano opening, the album swings into action with “Adore (Fall in Love Forever).” It’s a pleasant beginning that gets the blood pumping with layered synths and echoing vocals. The beats pick up a bit with “Revelator” and then come back down with the steady groove of “Price We Pay.” Then “God is Dead” comes on and strikes your ears with a pounding beat and a display of Control’s ability to conjure an emotional attachment to the lyrics with just his voice. Afterward is this reviewer’s favorite track, “The Filth and the Fetish.” The song is arousing in a dark and sadistic way as it tells a story about BDSM with great bass lines, eerie piano, and the moans and screams of a woman. Sexuality aside, it’s a great song to fuck or dance to. Skip ahead to one of the prettiest and serene songs ever, titled “Passengers,” a melodic piano track that is a modern day “Moonlight Sonata.” There is so much love and hurt in this track alone, and I’ll throw in my man card on this one and admit to crying when I first heard the song; it’s pure beauty through and through. After wiping away the tears, you can get back to dancing with “The Blade,” which is reminiscent of ‘90s Depeche Mode with a darker, grittier edge. Great beats, great synths, and pure vocals make this a good candidate for a single. “Love is a Shadow” follows with sweet vocals, dirty lyrics, and experimental guitar riffs. The Neuromancer concludes with “Where the Angels Burn,” a track nearly seven minutes in duration, which goes on a little too long but soothes the nerves and makes for a good floor killer. The end of the song is practically a poem that bookends the intro quite well.

Overall, this is William Control’s most enjoyable release yet. It contains everything you’ve ever loved about Control, but it’s taken up a few levels. It’s been a long time since this writer related to an album on such an emotional level, and I want to thank Control for bringing that side back out of me with his dark and pure BDSM love songs. Anyone who enjoys some dark electronic music can relate to and love this album.
Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Adore (Fall in Love Forever)
  3. Revelator
  4. Price We Pay
  5. God is dead
  6. The Filth and the Fetish
  7. Illuminator
  8. Passengers
  9. The Blade
  10. Love is a Shadow
  11. Where the Angels Burn

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